1st – 6th July 2019


Scientific Symposium
Today was to have been the deadline for abstract submission for WIOMSA’s 11th Scientific Symposium. However, due to an overwhelming amount of requests for additional time to prepare abstracts, the deadline has been extended to the 15th of February. To submit your abstract follow these steps: Go to http://abstract.wiomsa.org  > User home > author > new...
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During the Eleventh WIOMSA Scientific Symposium that will be held in Mauritius from 1st to 6th July 2019, one of the dates has been set aside for special sessions. This will be on the 5th of July. These sessions are convened by projects / programmes and organisations to discuss topical issues that are of global and regional...
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Attending the WIOMSA Scientific Symposium as a PhD student since 2013 has benefitted me both professionally and personally. It has given me the opportunity to share and learn best practices for my research work and participate in a wide range of networking opportunities with eminent marine scientists around the world. It also allowed me to...
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It was an amazing experience and a great honour to be the first undergraduate student from my university to attend the WIOMSA Scientific Symposium and to have the opportunity to present my third year special research project. By attending the 10th Wiomsa Scientific Symposium in 2017, I learnt much more about marine resources and built...
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