1st – 6th July 2019

Special Sessions

During the Symposium there will be special sessions on topical issues that are of global and regional importance. In this Symposium, sixteen special sessions will be held on 2 November 2017.


1. Nature Culture Future: Blue solutions and the IUCN Green List in the WIO region to help achieve conservation results for people and nature

2. AfReMaS & AfrOBIS: what can these systems do for scientists and how can scientists contribute? – VLIZ, EurOBIS

3. Advancing the WIO Mangrove NetworkWestern Indian Ocean Mangrove Network

4. Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (2015-2020) – IOC/UNESCO

5. Managing coastal & marine ecosystem services to support the wellbeing of the poor? – ESPA Project

6. Research, conservation and management of marine turtles and their habitats in the WIO Region – Sea Sense

7. Ocean Innovation Tour

8. Collaborative Marine Spatial Planning with SeaSketch Perspectives in the Western Indian Ocean

9. The Western Indian Ocean Early Career Scientist Network: Achieving Regional representation for international Collaboration

10. Expert meeting on 2017 WIO post-bleaching assessment and monitoring sustainability

11. Expert meeting on coral reef restoration

12. Advancing the development of a regional roadmap for the conservation and management of sharks and rays in the Southwest Indian Ocean

13. Bridging the gap between marine research, policy and management – developing new ideas for collaboration 

14. Engagement of WIOMSA members with the South African Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group (SA IORAG)

15. The blue carbon content and potential of the MPA networks and other areas with high potential for carbon sequestration in Mozambique and Tanzania

16. WIO Journal Editorial Board

Download the Special Session Programme.