10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Systematic spatial planning

THEME IX: Systematic spatial planning

  1. Lemahieu, A.; Lombard, A.; Truter, H.; Snow, B. –  Designing a Marine Spatial Planning methodological framework for Algoa Bay (Gqeberha, South Africa): challenges and lessons learned
  2. Scotcher, N.- Transboundary Marine Spatial Planning: The value of knowledge integration in the Western Indian Ocean Region Nkeiru Scotcher
  3. Palmer, R.; Sink, K. –  The Application of a Remotely Operated Vehicle in Ecosystem Classification to support Marine Spatial Planning and MPA Expansion
  4. Sejeng, C.; Hermes, J.; Sink, K.; Ansorge, I.; Braby, L.; Halo, I. –  Incorporating and connecting multiscale oceanographic features in marine spatial planning and management
  5. Le Corre, M.; Carr, P.; Hector, A.; Jaeger, A.; Letori, J.; Rocamora, G.; Nicoll, M. –  Tracking the at-sea distribution of foraging, breeding seabirds in Farquhar Atoll (Seychelles outer islands) to inform Marine Spatial Planning
  6. Guissamulo, A.; Lukic, I.;  Walsh, J.; McCann, J.; Freeman, P.; Diederichsen, S.;  Scherer, M.; Lima, F.;  Rebours, C.; Guyot- Guyot-Téphany, J.;  – Ocean Multi-Use: the challenges of harmonizing fisheries, tourism uses with marine conservation in the Bazaruto Archipelago