10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Resilience, Adaptation and mitigation

THEME XVI: Resilience, Adaptation and mitigation

  1. Githaiga, M.; Githaiga, M.; Kairu, A. –  Variation in Carbon Stocks along the Diani-Chale Marine Reserve, Kwale County, Kenya
  2. Doodee, M.; Rughooputh, S.; Jawaheer, S. –  Carbon Sequestration potential of selected mangrove ecosystems of Mauritius with focus on biomass productivity (Preliminary results)
  3. Tamooh, F.; Bouillon, S. –  Carbon stocks and stable isotopic signatures of soil organic sources across the mangroves of Kenya
  4. Inacio, F.J.; Bandeira, S.; Macamo, C. –  Structure and carbon reserve in natural and replanted forests in different years in the Limpopo Estuary, Gaza province
  5. Ratsimbazafy, H.; Ratefinjanahary, I.; Sharma, S.; MacKenzie, R.; Razakamanarivo, H.; Razafintsalama, V.; Ravelosamiarinirina, K.; Welti, A.; Ramifehiarivo, N. –  Quantification of soil organic carbon in Madagascar mangroves: Comparative method based on CHN analyser, Walkley and Black and Loss on Ignition
  6. Ramah, S.; Gopaul, D.; Cootapen, S. –  Assessment of blue carbon in seagrass ecosystems: A new potential strategy for Mauritius towards climate change mitigation
  7. Mumo, A.; Sigana, D.; Uku, J.; Kairo, J. –  Relationship of Macrobenthic Assemblages to Sediment Carbon in Seagrass Beds of Vanga, Kenya
  8. Omollo, D.; Githaiga, M.; Kairo, J. –  Subtidal carbon and its contribution to total carbon stocks of seagrass ecosystem in Gazi Bay, Kenya
  9. Lyimo, l.; Hamis, M. –  The influence of seagrass and sediment characteristics on organic carbon storage in Halodule uninervis and Syringodium isoetifolium meadows of Western India Ocean, Tanzania
  10. Ismail, R.; Asplund E., M.; Gullstrom, M.; Rushingisha, G.; Dahl, M.; Buriyo S.A.; Mtolera SP, M.; Bjork, M. –  Plant productivity, community composition and carbon import are key drivers of air- water CO2 fluxes in a tropical seagrass meadow: implications for blue carbon science
  11. George, R.; Kimirei, I.; Lugendo, B.; Yona, G. –  Effect of seagrass cover change on the carbonate chemistry of seawater: Implications for seagrass mitigation potential of ocean acidification impacts
  12. Njoroge, G.; Muthumbi, A.; Gichuki, N.; Kairo, J.; Uku, J.; Okondo, J. –  Benthic faunal assemblages and carbon stocks in seagrass beds of Lamu, Kenya
  13. Kairo, J.; Maina, G.; Wanjiru, C.; Mungai, F.; Owuor, M.; Nguu, J.; Landis, E.  –  Assessment of blue carbon ecosystems to facilitate and enhance their incorporation into Kenya’s climate commitments in the Paris Agreement