10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Mangrove ecosystems

THEME XXIII: Mangroves ecosystems

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  2. Andriambola, T.; Nomenisoa, A.; Rasolofonirina, R.; Ranivoarivelo, L. – Evaluation of carbon stock in Mangrove Ecosystem: Studied case of Mangrove in the National Park of Sahamalaza (North Western Region of Madagascar)
  3. Githaiga, M.; Kotut, K.; Kairo, J. –  Structure and regeneration of mangrove forests in Lamu, Kenya
  4. Bernabe, G.; Cassimo, A. –  Specific allometric equations for biomass estimation in the mangrove forest of Metuge Bay for Avicenna marina, Rhizophora mucronate and Ceriops tagal
  5. Andilyat, M.; Hassane, K.; Ouledi, A. –  Morphological modification of mangroves and swamps forest by lava flows and their distributions in the Ngazidja Island (Comoros)
  6. Likoringo, E.; Mangora, M.; Trettin, C. –  Competing Deforestation and Restoration of Mangroves in Rufiji Delta, Tanzania
  7. Waweru, B.; Muthumbi, P.; Vanreusel, P.; Wangondu, D.; Mutua, D. –  Free-living marine nematode communities in Rhizophora mucronata (Rhizophoraceae) Lam. forest, Mida creek- Kenya
  8. Danny Kornelio, R.; Ratsimbazafy, R.; Bakarizafy, J. –  Observation and assessment of the status of dead mangrove forests at the Andranomavo site, Nosy Hara Marine Park
  9. Jenoh, E.; Koedam, N.; Farid, D.; Kioko, E. –  Insect pest infestation on mangrove. Should we worry?
  10. Jonathan, P.; Lantoasinoro, R. –  Study of the mangrove of Melaky (North West of Madagascar): floristic biodiversity, substrate and spatio-temporal evolution
  11. Ribeiro, N. –  Spatial temporal assessment of mangrove cover in Quionga – Palma District, northern Mozambique between 1995, 2008 and 2019
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