10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Physical and geological processes

THEME XVIII: Physical and geological processes

  1. Russo, C.; Lamont, T.; Krug, M. –  The LACCE Algorithm and the spatial and temporal variability of the Agulhas Retroflection
  2. Ismail, H.; Anders, D.; Porter, S.; van den Berg, M.; Lamont, T. –  Nearshore temperature variability in the Agulhas Current System along the south and east coasts of South Africa
  3. Lamont, T.; Halo, I. –  Observing mesoscale eddies inshore of the Agulhas Current System: in situ data versus GLORYS model output
  4. Halo, I.; Lamont, T. –  Intrusion of Intermediate Waters inshore of the Agulhas Current along the Southeast Coast of South Africa: perspectives from GLORYS12v1 model
  5. Satellite remote sensing assessment of the coastal changes occurring in Ambotsibotsiky and Andaboy; Southwest Madagascar
  6. Mawren, D.; Hermes, J.; Reason, C. –  Marine Heatwaves in the Mozambique Channel
  7. Corinne Marina, B.; Jean Marc, R. –  Numerical study of wave propagation over bathymetries
  8. Bailey, D.; Hermes, J.; Goschen, W.; Penven, P.; Bornman, T. –  An investigation of sea level and circulation response during a coastal trapped wave event on the eastern Agulhas Bank, South Africa
  9. Charroux, S.; Jeanson, M.; Morisseau, S.; Mercky, Y.; Pennober, G. –  Short-term observation hydro-sedimentary dynamics of reef pocket beach: study case of Sakouli, Mayotte
  10. Da Silva, N.; Hoguane, A. –  Ocean renewable energy, source, technology and challenges for Sub-Saharan countries
  11. Manyilizu, M. –  Surface current variations of the East African coastal waters from January 2019 to February, 2022
  12. Martin, V.; Kimeli, A.; Dias, T.; Obura, V.; Ghepdeu Youbouni, G.; Bambic, B.; Drennon, H.; Nitsche, F.; Ferrini, V. –  Earth’s Final Frontier: Building Strategies for Mapping and Understanding the African Seafloor
  13. Pennober, G.; Jeanson , M.; Mercky, Y.; Benoit, Y.; Stamenoff, P.; Charroux, S.; Cordier, E. –  Observatories of fringing reef beach: Same long-term dataset of topography  and inshore water levels at La Reunion and Mayotte
  14. Owato, G.; Oduor, N.; Mbugua, J.; Mohammed, H.; Munga, C.; Olendo , D. –  The impacts of coastal development on beach geomorphology and its influence on sea turtle nesting and reproduction success in Lamu, Kenya
  15. Rembert, R.; Nomenisoa, A.; Todinanahary, G. –  Geological and geomorphological formation in the marine and coastal waters of Madagascar
  16. Mtetandaba, A.; Smith, M.; Van Niekerk, L.; Sink, K. –  The use of satellite imagery for mapping coastal River Plumes in the marine realm
  17. Andrianjatovo, P. Y, N.; Rakotoson, I. J.; Nomenisoa, A. Le D. –  Satellite remote sensing assessment of the coastal changes occurring in Ambotsibotsiky and Andaboy, Southwest Madagascar
  18. Shaghude, Y.; Semba, M.; Muhando, C.; Nyandwi, N.; Kyewalyanga, M.; Kuguru, B.; Kizenga, H.; Ussi, A.  –  Oceanographic factors influencing the distribution of tuna in the Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone