10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Marine Protected Areas: Addressing management challenges

THEME IV: Marine Protected Areas: Addressing management challenges

  1. Jean Clarck Neloni, R. –  Coastal vulnerability assessment of the Marine Protected Area of Ambodivahibe and its Extension using geospatial technologies
  2. Shee, S. –  Towards attaining the BLUE PARK MPA status: A case of the Kisite-Mpunguti marine protected area (KM-MPA) in Kenya
  3. Rawat, A. –  Conservation of Marine Areas for the SDG 14 Commitments of Mauritius
  4. Ahmed, S.; Tunje, J. –  An evaluation of the socio-ecological impacts of fishing in the marine ecosystem: A case study of Mombasa Marine Protected Area, Kenya
  5. Moussa, Z. –  Valorization of marine resources in the Marine Park of Moheli-Comoros
  6. Trotzuk, E.; Salm, R.; Gudka, M.; Obura, D.; Samoilys, M.; da Silva, I.; Warner, E. –  Managing for resilience: the current health of and management implications for coral reefs in Bazaruto Archipelago National Park
  7. Wright, K.; Harris, J. –  The ‘low hanging fruit’ – opportunities to expand South Africa’s MPA estate and protect critical habitats in the WIO region
  8. Talma, E.; Jeremie, M.; Sims, H. –  Development of a standardized Management Plan and implementation template for Seychelles’ Marine Protected Areas
  9. Taju, A.; Horigue, V.; Maina, J.; Munjovo, E.; Tuda, A. –  Addressing shifting governance contexts and development objectives in the Quirimbas National Park, Mozambique
  10. Muthiga, N.; Mensa, J.; Oleary, J.; Azali, M.; Grayson, J.; Mkwavila, S. –  Towards an Evidence-based Tracking Tool for measuring  Management Effectiveness in Marine Protected Areas
  11. Zafimahatradraibe, J.; Todinanahary, G.; Randriamanantsoa, B. –  Assessment of the local governance of natural marine resources in Madagascar: case of MPA and LMMA in South-West and North-West Region
  12. Stefanoudis, P.; Talma, S.; Fassbender, N.; Swanborn, D.; Nyangweso Ochieng, C.; Mearns, K.; Komakoma, J.; Otwoma, L.; Mbije, N.; Evan Trotzuk; Arthur Tuda; Francisco Zivane; Danie, K.;  – Illuminating hidden biodiversity hotspots: supporting deeper reef conservation in the Western Indian Ocean