10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Marine Pollution

THEME VI: Marine Pollution

  1. Johnson, J.L.; Peer, N.; Naidoo, S.; Rajkaran, A. –  Identifying faunal indicators of microplastic pollution in mangrove dominated estuaries in South Africa
  2. Ombongi, J. –  Microplastics pollution in the sediments of creeks and estuaries of Kenya, Western Indian Ocean
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  4. Rambojun, S.; Ramloll, Y.; Mattan-Moorgawa, S.; Appadoo, C. –  An investigation of marine macro- and meso- litter occurrence in selected marine and coastal ecosystems in Mauritius Island
  5. Mbugani, J.; Shilla, D.; Joseph, D.; Machiwa, J.; Khan, F.; Kimaro, W. –  Histomorphological damage in the small intestine of Wami tilapia (Oreochromis urolepis) (Norman, 1922) exposed to microplastics remain long after depuration
  6. Mwagona, C.; Njue, K.; Trott, S.; Apondi, L.; Roberts, K.; Obura, D. –  A baseline Survey of Marine Macro-Litter at Selected Sites across the Lamu Archipelago
  7. Masalu, R.; Mpinda, C.; Kilulya, K. –  Levels of plastic plasticizers and linked metabolites in marine  sediment, water and their bioaccumulation in cockles (Anadara Antiquata) along the  coastline of Tanzania
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  11. Razafiarison, Z.P.; Raharinaivo, L.R.; Eeckaut, I.; Todinanahary, G.; Fernand, G. –  Ingestion of microplastics by Holothuria scabra, Holothuria parva and Anadara natalensis
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  14. Ogada, E. –  Impact of improper solid waste management(Plastic) to the Kenyan Coast and marine environment
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  16. Hendricks, N. –  Occurrence of microplastics in sediments in informal settlements in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: the aftermath of the floods
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  23. Mwangi, S.; Okuku, E.; Wayayi, V. –  Improving Mtwapa Creek water quality by use of Constructed Wetland Wastewater Treatment Technology in Shimo la Tewa, Kenya
  24. Kombo, M.; Chepkemboi, P.; Otieno, K.; Mbuche, M.; Nelson, A. –  Integrating Community-Based Solid Waste Management in Preserving Lamu’s Heritage
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  26. Oduor, N.; Munga, C.; Ong’anda, H.; Moosdorf, N. –  Status of anthropogenic nutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphorus) and harmful algal blooms along the coast of Kenya: A Review
  27. Mutia, G. –  Heavy metal concentration in seaweeds Laurencia papillosa and Chaetomorpha crassa in evaluation of their safety for use in aquaculture feeds in Kenya
  28. Tirvengadum, D. –  Oil spillage: Passive response using synthetic Sorbents for the restoration of Mangrove ecosystem in Mauritius
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