10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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THEME V: Mariculture

  1. Kamau, A.; Magondu, E. –  Comparative growth performance of marine Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) cultured in hapa nets in different stocking densities using animal and plant protein diets
  2. Lahiniriko, B.; Del Campo Jimenez, J.; Ranivoarivelo, L.; Razanoelisoa, J.; Rakotonjanahary, F. –  Impact of sea cucumber farming on seagrass beds: study cases of Antsatsamoroy and Tampolove villages in the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) (South-West Madagascar)
  3. Ravelohasina, H.; Maminantenaina, N.; Frédérich, B.; Rougeot, C.; Lepoint, G.; Jaonalison, H.; Mahafina, J.; Rasolofonirina, R. –  Density and fish diet effect on rabbitfish growth in controlled systems
  4. Ndawala, M.; Msuya, F.; Buriyo, A.; Mvungi, E.; Cottier-Cook, E. –  Effect of biosecurity practices and diseases on growth and carrageenan properties of seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii and Eucheuma denticulatum cultivated in Zanzibar, Tanzania
  5. Gabriel, A.; Mwaluma, J.; Mirera, M. –  Formulation and effectiveness of using Terebralia palustris as an alternative source of protein for mud crab (Syalla serata) in Kilifi County for enhanced mariculture
  6. Hussein, A.; Magori, D.; Mwaka, G. –  Fish Cage Site Selection at Kibuyuni in Kwale County, Kenya: Tidal  Variations, Waves Height, Current Speed and Direction Status
  7. Mbiru, M.; Chauka, L.; Koning, D.; Palaiokostas, C.; Mtolera, M. –  Growth performance of five different strains of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) introduced to Tanzania reared in fresh and brackish waters
  8. Holeh, G.; Thuo, P.; Opiyo, M. –  Performance of different protein ingredients (Fish Meal (FM), Terebralia palustris (TP), Black soldier fly larvae meal (BSFL) and Blood meal (BM) in the growth of Nile tilapia (Orechromis niloticus) under
  9. Mmanda, F.P.; Lindberg, J.; Halden, J.E..; Kitula, R.; Mtolera, M.; Lundh, T. –  Potential nutritive locally available feed ingredients used for tilapia farming in Tanzania
  10. Nazurally, N.; Facknath, S.; Lalljee, B. –  Open lagoonal finfish aquaculture benefiting both marine biodiversity and people
  11. Ngoepe, M.; Cedras, R. –  Establishing a relatively simple and reliable small-scale production of the local marine calanoid copepod Acartia sp. as a potential live feed
  12. Magondu, E.; Fulanda, B.; Mlewa, C.; Munguti, J. –  Co-culture of marine tilapia, sea cucumber and oysters in an Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture set up using earthen tide fed ponds
  13. Bacha, N.; Munga, C.; Oersted, D. –  Marine macroalgae used as Rabbitfish bait provide insights on potential use in fish feeds
  14. Jossefa, A.; Mussagy, A.; Nerantzoulis, I. –  Supplementation of probiotics in Nile Tilapia fingerlings cultivation subjected to microbial challenge
  15. Ogello, E.; Outa, N.; Mukaburu, B. –  Enhancing Artemia biomass production using Green Water and Biofloc Technologies in Kenya: Laboratory and field experiments
  16. Ngarari, M.; Hinzano, S.; Opiyo, D. –  Salinity tolerance tests for Kenyan and two commonly used Artemia populations under laboratory conditions
  17. Mirera, D. –  Assessment of growth response of Rabbitfish (Siganus sutor) to formulate feeds in floating cages and intertidal earthen ponds
  18. Rabearison, M.; Maka, D.; Raharinaivo, L.; Todinanahary, G.; Eeckhaut, I.; Ramiandrisoa, O.; Labie, M. –  Entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovative entrepreneurship : elements for a conceptual framework for red seaweed farming in Madagascar
  19. Njiru, J. –  Kenya Mariculture: is the sleeping giant awakening?
  20. Mirera, D.; Wairimu, E.; Wainaina, M.; Muli, B.; Okemwa, D.; Angulu, R.; Heba, I.; Moyoni, H. –  Perception on fish consumption behaviour at different value chain levels and implications for mariculture development in coastal Kenya
  21. Iraba, N.; Yahya, S.; Mang’ena, J. –   Investigation on growth and survival rate of Octopus cyanea (Big blue Octopus, Gray 1849) in captivity
  22. Ravelomanantsoa, V.; Lavitra, T.; Issah Isaia, A. –  Historic and development of Community Based Aquaculture in the South-west region of Madagascar
  23. Kibogo, R.A.; Mirera, D.; Okemwa, D.; Heba, I –  Preliminary observations on the influence of salinity and stocking density on the survival of Macrobranchium rosenbergii Larvae under laboratory conditions
  24. Salim, Y.; Ali, M.; Vuai, M.; Khamis, Z. –  Multi-Raft as deep water seaweed farming method: Opportunities and challenges
  25. Okemwa, D.; Mirera, D.; Ngugu, C. –  Growth performance of pre-pupal Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens), fed on urban domestic waste as climate-smart aqua-feed ingredient
  26. Gordon, N.; Grant, L.; Monthy, D. –  Aquaculture cultivation of local seaweed species, Sargassum sp. in the Seychelles: Feasibility and product development
  27. Mapunda, J.; S.P. Mtolera, M.; A. S. Yahya, S.; Manh Ngo, V.; Golan, M.; Minh Nguyen, V. –  Effect of tank colour on growth, survival, stress level, digestive  enzymatic activities and body composition of snubnose  pompano (Trachinotus blochii Lacépède) larvae
  28. Khamis, K. –  The potential use of effective microorganisms to develop aqua feed for sustainable fish farming
  29. Rutto, A.- Comparison of Pathogens of Milkfish, Chanos chanos (Forsskãl, 1775) in Culture and Capture Fisheries at the Kenyan coast
  30. Lepoint, G.; Tsiresy, G.; Lavitra, T.; Eeckhaut, I. –  Carbon and nitrogen incorporations by the farmed seaweed, Kappaphycus alvarezii and its epiphytes (EFAD)
  31. Opiyo, M.; Mukami, M.; Hinzano, S.; Ogello, E.; Fulanda, A. –  Effect of feeding different Artemia densities on growth and survival of hairy river prawn (Macrobrachium rude Heller, 1862) larvae reared under hatchery conditions
  32. Lavitra, T.; Isaia, A. I.; Rodine, C.; Ranivoarivelo, L. N.; Rasolofonirina, R.; Rakotomahazo, C.; Tsiresy, G.; Monja, E.; Tsihoboto, M. R.; Todinanahary, G.G.B; Troell, M. –  Review and analysis of the policy documents and the legal texts related to mariculture in Madagascar
  33. Rakotonandrasana, S.N; Razafimahazo, M.Z.M.Z., Ranivoarivelo, L.N.; Rahaingo, N.P.; Fenoradosoa, T.A.; Lavitra, T. –  Socio-economic and technical feasibility of the red algae Halymenia durvillei in the South-West of Madagascar
  34. Seleman, R.; Mmochi, A.; Evensen, A.; Mdegela, R. –  Occurrence of fungal infections in Rufiji tilapia and hybrids of female Nile tilapia and male Rufiji tilapia at different salinities
  35. Mahafina, J.; Jaonalison, H.; Frédérich, B.; Andrello, M.; Reisser, C.; Volckaert, F.; Durant, J-D,; Lepoint, G.; Rougeot, C.; Rasolofonirina, R.; Mwaluma, J. – Overview and progress of consortium research related to the biology, ecology and aquaculture of rabbitfish
  36. Raharinaivo, L.; Todinanahary, G.; Maka, D.; Rabearison, M.; Fernand, M.; Eeckhaut, I. –  Assessment of macro- and microplastics pollution in mangroves around Toliara (Madagascar)
  37. Abdalla, M.; Mohammed, M. –  Occurrence of irritant phytoplankton on seaweed cultivated farm on the coast of Unguja Island
  38. Shilla, D.; Mbugani, J.; Machiwa, J.; Shilla, D.; Kimaro, W.; Khan, F. –  Impaired growth performance of Wami Tilapia (Oreochromis urolepis) (Norman, 1922) juveniles due to MPs-induced degeneration of small intestine
  39. Luvanga, S.; Mwijage, A.; Sekadende, B.; Shabani, S.; Luomba, J.; Aloyce, P. M. –  Are naturally existing Artemia in salt ponds along the coast capable of revolutionizing Tanzania’s reliable source to high-quality fish feed? a case study of Lindi and Tanga
  40. Muhando, M.; Maina, G.; Waters, T.; Limbu, P.; Jones, R.; Magembe, L.; Jan, S.; Mwinuka, G.; Montalescot, V. –  Advancing Restorative Seaweed Farming for the Benefit of Farmers and Environment in Zanzibar
  41. Karanja, H.; Kipyegon, J.; Kairo, J. –  Effect of combined temperatures and salinities on early larval development of Macrobrachium equidens fed on a novel feed EZ liquid Artemia in Kenya
  42. Rakotonirina, M. A.; Ravelo, V. –  Study of biomass production of Artemia (bisexual strain) in the southwestern region of Madagascar: Case of the Ambohitsabo salt pan
  43. Kipyegon, J.K.; Kairo, J.G.; Lange, C.N.; Wangenye, J.G.  –  Natural diet and feeding habits of fresh/brackish water prawns genus Macrobrachium (Family Palaemonidae) in Kenya