10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Food security, safety and nutrition

THEME XIX:  Food security, safety and nutrition

  1. Macandja, M. E. C. –   Biological and nutritional quality evaluation of Important Marine Bivalve Species Meretrix Meretrix (L., 1758) From Maputo Bay
  2. Shaban, S.; Shayo, S.; Mhongole, O. –  Prevalence of nematodes (Anisakis nematodes) and zoonotic bacteria in Trichiurus lepturus an allegation for human health concern, in western Indian Ocean, Tanzania
  3. Allegretti, A. –  ‘Getting the Right Nutrients to Those Who Need Them Most’. Towards Nutrition-Sensitive Governance (NSG) of Fisheries in the Western Indian Ocean: Evidence from Kenya
  4. Marcellin Roandrianasolo, T.; Thierry, L.; Alexandra, P.; Aleph, I.; Ernest, M. –  Assessing linkages between poverty, food security and aquaculture. A systematic review of the literature
  5. Galligan, B.; Kodia Azali, M.; McClanahan, T. –  Escaping conflict? Fish trap escape gaps reduce tradeoffs between conservation and food security
  6. Katikiro, R.; Msangi, J. –  Feasibility of small pelagic fisheries for food sovereignty of coastal communities
  7. Nombo, M.; Hagelaar, G. –  Role of collaboration within the supply chain on the quality of fish in Tanzania
  8. Simtoe, A. –  Impacts of traditional processing methods on quality and proximate composition of fish: A case of sardines Encrasicholina punctifer and heteroloba in Pangani District, Tanzania
  9. Maire, E.; Robinson, J.; Cinner, J.; Graham, N.; MacNeil, A.; Hicks, C. –  Fishing for nutrition across the world’s coral reefs
  10. Odote, P.; Ngoa, H. –  Assessing the Sardine fisheries of Vanga, Kwale County, Kenya: Are they a potential pathway to food security?
  11. Malambugi, A.; Rushingisha, G. –  Micronutrients value of tuna and potential contribution to recommended micronutrient intakes for children under five years of age: the case of Tanzania
  12. Ratovoson, A.; Ramahatoraka, A.; Ramanantsoa, T.; Rasolofoniaina, L.; Andriatohy, F.; Rakotondramanana, F. –  Can marine ecosystems and fisheries resources contribute to solving food insecurity issues in the Grand Sud of Madagascar?
  13. Rasolofoniaina, L.; Ratovoson, A.; Randrianarimanana, D.; Ramanantsoa, T.; Ramahatoraka, A.; Andriatohy, F. –  Importance of fishing on livelihoods and consumption of fish product in the south of Madagascar, Case of Beloha District, Madagascar
  14. Munga, C.; Mwakaribu, A.; Njihia, P.; Mulala, D. –  Evaluating the importance of artisanal fisheries in nutrition for selected fisher households in South Coast Kenya
  15. Suleiman, R.; Kishe, M. A.; Mang’ena, J.; Luvanga, S.; Ulotu, E.; Mbunda, A. – Reduction of Post-harvest Loss of Tuna and Tuna-Like Species Through Value Addition to Improve Food Security in Tanzania
  16. Jones, B.; Lefcheck, J.; Skoglund, S.; Thunell, V.; Bandeira, S.; Jiddawi, N.; Uku, J; Gullstrom, M.; Eklof, J. – Seagrass meadows as previously unrecognized reservoirs of micronutrients for human health