10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Fisheries: ecology, gears impacts and stock status

THEME XIV: Fisheries: ecology, gears impacts and stock status

  1. Kashindye, B.; Shayo, S.; Elison, M.; Sululu, J.; Mwakosya, C.; Kangwe, J.; Sweke, E.; Kayanda, R.; Sekadende, B.; Kuguru, B.; – Population dynamics of the Devis’ anchovy (Encrasicholina devisi, Whitley, 1940), Buccaneer anchovy (Encrasicholina punctifer, Fowler, 1938) and the Silver-stripe round herring (Spratelloides gracilis, Temminck & Schlegel, 1846), in the Tanzanian coastal waters
  2. Razafimahefa, D.-Contribution of traditional fisheries in Ambinanibe Lagoon in South of Madagascar
  3. Kapapa, L.; Mwakosya, C. –  Assessment of vulnerability and viability of small pelagic fishing communities of Kipumbwi -Pangani and Kilwa Kivinje in Tanzanian coast
  4. Andimile, M.- An assessment of threats to nearshore fisheries in Kenya and Tanzania
  5. Obota, C.; Wamukota, A.; Humphries, A. –  Traps modified with escape gaps and fisher training promote sustainable fishing and fish consumption
  6. Halafo, J. – The Dynamics of Artisanal Tuna Fisheries of Euthynnus affinis (Kawakawa) and Katsuwonus pelamis (Skipjack) in Pemba Bay, Mozambique
  7. Ochiel, J.; Kimani, P. –  Catch characteristics, gears, and fishing effort used to catch reef fishes with emphasis on Emperor fish and Rabbit fish of Nyali reef landing site
  8. Todimazava, L.; Jaonalison, H.; Mahafina, J.; Poton, D.; Durand, J.; Lamy, T. –  Diversity and origins of small dried fishes sold in markets along a 1000-km coast-to-inland distance gradient in Madagascar
  9. Felana, N.; Nomenisoa, A.; Behivoke, F.; Todinanahary, G. –  Determining the gleaning fishing index in the bay of Toliara, southwestern Madagascar
  10. Tinemah, A.; Rasolofonirina, R. –  Exploitation of the razor clam (Solen marginatus) in the Southwest of Madagascar, case of the littoral of Toliara city
  11. Ramasindraibe, F.; Randrianjafimanana, T. –  Good practice for improving value in the crab sector using the simple crab hoop net ‘garigary’ – a sustainable fishing gear
  12. Fanambinantsoa, H. S. D.; Razanoelisoa, J.; Raberinary. D.; Leopold, M. – Participatory assessment of mud crab’s fisheries indicators. The case of Morombe area, Southwestern Madagascar
  13. Hamad, A.; Muhando, C. –  Influence of catching methods on yield and size structure of Octopus cyanea (Gray, 1849) in Zanzibar, Tanzania
  14. Wangondu, V.; Muthumbi, A.; Simon, C.; Kihia, C.; Smith, K.; Cedras, R.; Mahatante, P.; Katikiro, R.  –  Overview of intertidal invertebrates harvesting and their use in Western Indian Ocean (WIO) Region
  15. Dlaza, T. –  Drivers of shellfish harvesting on rocky shores along the South African Wild Coast
  16. Herintsoa Tanteliniaina, R. –  Study on the gonad development of the edible sea urchin Tripneustes Gratilla and on the fishing dynamics in the village of Tsingoritelo (South-West of Madagascar)
  17. Zafimamatrapehy, D. R.; Leopold, M. – Influence of mangrove habitat types on mud crab fishers in western Madagascar
  18. Abubakar, A.A.; Okemwa, G.; Kimani, E. –  Using length-based indicators to derive insights on impacts of artisanal trolling and industrial pelagic longlining on the population demography of yellowfin tuna exploited in Kenyan waters
  19. Rabearisoa, N.; Tixier, P.; Boukherroub, A.; Bach, P. –  Depredation impacting the Reunion Island pelagic longline fishery: an interview-based approach to survey fishers’ perception
  20. Lisiane, J.; Roddy Michel, R.; Daniel, R.; Marc, L. –  Estimation of reef fishing effort using GPS tracers in Ranobe Bay, Southwestern Madagascar
  21. Ouma, D.; Duvail, S.; Hamerlynck, O.; Nyingi, D.; Gichuki, N. –  Fishery characteristics and management in the floodplain lakes of Tana River delta, Kenya
  22. Franciana, M.; Jacqueline, R. –  Management of the reef fishery by offshore exploitation of the swordfish Trichiurus lepturus in Toliara Madagascar
  23. Behivoke, F.; Guitton, J.; Etienne, M.; Randriantsara, R.; Ranaivoson, E.; Léopold, M. –  Spatial distribution of effective fishing effort and multi gear catches in a coral reef fishery through boat trajectory analysis in southwestern Madagascar
  24. Tumaini, S. –  Status, challenges and opportunities of the cold chain system in Kenya: The case of the fisheries sector in Lamu and Mombasa Counties
  25. Ontomwa, M.; Kimani, E.; Fulanda, B.; Nyamweya, C. –  Evaluation of the Kenya long line pelagic fishery: Temporal variation in fishing effort and catch rates
  26. Stock assessment of the Thumbprint Emperor Lethrinus harak (Forsskål 1775) in Zanzibar Waters using limited data approach
  27. Herinirina, P.; Bigot, L.; Frouin, P.; Volandrae, H.; Randriatsara, R.; Behivoke, F.; Ranivoarivelo, L.; Leopold, M. –  Assessment of macroinvertebrate diversity and catches of mosquito trawl nets in seagrass beds, Southwestern Madagascar
  28. Kamau, J.; Jacobs, Z.; Painter, S.; Mwaluma, J.; Popova, E.; Roberts, M. –  One system many drivers – The case for assessing and quantifying the resilience of the North Kenya Banks productivity
  29. Berkstrom, C.; Hedberg, N.; Kuruzovic, S.; Paloheimo, A.; Jiddawi, N. –  The influence of artisanal fisheries on coral reef and seagrass fish community structure – an interdisciplinary approach
  30. Oddenyo, R.; Abunge, C.; McClanahan, T.; Kosgei, J.; Muthiga, N.; Azali, M. –  Challenges to rural and fisheries planning and development on the Kenya-Tanzania international boundary
  31. Colomb, Z.; Jacqueline, R. –  Offshore fishing as solution to reduce anthropogenic impacts on coral reefs: village of Ambotsibotsiky
  32. Samucidine, K.; Viegas, E.; Filipe, O. –  Fishery and stock assessment of Penaeus indicus (H. Milne-Edwards, 1837) of Maputo Bay, South of Mozambique
  33. Fernando, S.; Chauca, I.; Jose, S.; Valentim, O.; Chioze, C.; Chirindja, O.; Mussa, A.; Muaves, L.; Mutombene, R. –  Octopus (Octopus cyanea) fishery in Mozambique: a research contribution for implementation of management measures
  34. Viana, S.; Farthing, M.; Bova, C.; Marcone, O.; Sauer, W. –  Exploratory assessment of the recreational fishery for two small tuna species in South Africa
  35. Gordon, A.- Funding fishery sustainability improvements in the western Indian Ocean: MSC’s contribution and future opportunities
  36. Mkare, T.; Okoth, B.; Bosire, C.; Wambiji, N.; Kimani, E.; Mueni, E.; Nzaro, M.; Munga, C.; Mwaluma, J.; Fulanda, B.; – Stringent quality control of sequences improves the accuracy of DNA barcoding identifications
  37. Devlin, C. –  The causes and consequences of fisheries conflict around the Horn of Africa
  38. Nieblas, A.; Bernard, S.; Brisset, B.; Chanut, J.; Chevrier, T.; Coelho, R.; Evano, H.; Kerzerho, V.; Rouyer, T.; Tracey, S.; – Satellite tagging of billfish round the Indian Ocean via the Flopped Project
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