10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Fish ecology and biodiversity

THEME XX: Fish ecology and biodiversity

  1. Khalfan, K.; Mohamed, M. –  Reproductive Biology of Blue Sprat, Spratelloides gracilis in Zanzibar
  2. Israel, J.; Nomenisoa, A.; Edwin, Z.; Razakarisoa, T.; Eeckhaut, I.; Todinanahary, G. –  Benthic Mapping and Spatial Distribution of Fish Biomass in Soariake MPA, Southwestern Madagascar
  3. Kashindye, B.; Sululu, J.; Kuguru, B.; Kangwe, J.; Kayanda, R. –  Reproductive biology and population dynamics of Decapterus kurroides caught off the Coast of Bagamoyo, Tanzania
  4. Brighton, E.; Mason-Parker, C. –  SeyCCAT BGF5 Rapid Assessment of Fish Biodiversity in Shallow Water Habitats (less than 40m) of the Alphonse Group, Seychelles
  5. Mahavory, H.; Rasolofonirina, R.; Eeckhaut, I. –  Study of spawning and fertilization induction in some edible bivalves from southern Madagascar coast
  6. Ursula, T.; Lantoasinoro, R. –  Determination of the release time of eggs of Ovees Lobsters: Case of the species Panulirus homarus. (Anosy Region)
  7. Ranaivomanana, S.; Volanandiana, A.; Durand, J.; Ponton, D.; Mbony, A.; Randriatsara, R.; Todinanahary, G.; Die, D.; Lavitra, T.; Mahafina, J.; – First results of reef fish spatial and temporal dynamics in the Bay of Ranobe fishery, southwestern Madagascar
  8. Salum, K.; Mohammed, M. –  Distribution and abundance of coral reef fish larvae in relation to lunar cycle
  9. Tarimo, B.; Gullstrom, M.; Thor, P.; Winder, M. –  Water physicochemical variables and zooplankton are predictors of fish larvae abundance and diversity across mangrove-seagrass seascapes of Zanzibar (Tanzania)
  10. Ebrahim, A. –  The commercially important shoemaker spinefoot, Siganus sutor, connects coral reefs to neighbouring seagrass meadow
  11. Everett, B.; Fennessy, S. –  Catch taxa life histories … a proxy for basic substrate types?
  12. Huggett, J.; Noyon, M.; Brink, R. –  Comparison of microzooplankton assemblages on the southern Madagascar shelf and in a cyclonic eddy of shelf origin
  13. Hadj-Hammou, J.; Muthiga, N.; McClanahan, T.; Kosgei, J.; Oddenyo, R.; Mkwavila, S.; Graham, N.; Mensa, J.; O’Leary, J. –  Coral reef fish biomass estimation methods for marine management in a proposed Trans-Boundary Conservation Area across Kenya and Tanzania
  14. Thomas, C.; Charles, L.; Nicolas, L.; Marie, G.; Leo, K.S.; Sébastien, V. –  Mesophotic reefs host unique fish assemblages in the Mozambican channel
  15. Landy Soambola A. –  Fluctuation and abundance of fish in Diego Suarez Bay according to the lunar cycle and their relationships on phytoplankton by satellite imagery: Ramena and Mangarivotra
  16. Mwaluma, D.; Kyewalyanga , M.; Winder, M.; Ng’isiang’e, N.; Osore, M.; Malesa , F.; Daudi, L.; Rushingisha , G.; Ochiewo, J.; Shalli, M.;  – Larval Fish Production and Dispersal in Critical Habitats of Coastal East Africa: An overview
  17. Rakotoarison, A. –  Mortality rate reduction trial in reef aquarium fish ‘Zebrasoma gematum’
  18. Reddy, S.; Pattrick, P.; Porri, F. –  The use of artificial and natural microhabitats by fish and invertebrate larvae in intertidal systems
  19. Mtwana Nordlund, L.; Cullen-Unsworth, L.; Jiddawi, N.; Unsworth, R.; Stiepani, J.; Jones, B.; de la Torre-Castro, M.; Alexandridis, N.; Eklof, J. –  Seagrass fisheries in the Indo-Pacific
  20. Jaonalison, H.; Helga Berjulie, R.; Jamal, M.; Lantoasinoro, R.; Gilles, L.; Richard, R.; James, M.; Bruno, F. –  The potential nursery areas and recruitment seasons of Siganus sutor in Madagascar
  21. Mwangata, J.; Fondo, E. –  Biology and Stock Assessment of Spangled Emperor, Lethrinus nebulosus along the Southern Kenya Coast
  22. Manankery, V.; Razanakoto, T.; Sandra Ranaivomanana, H.; Behivoke, F.; Michel Randriatsara, R.; Mahafina, J.; Léopold, M. –  Coral reef fisheries in the southwest of Madagascar: The perspective of announced crisis
  23. Angulu, R.; Mirera, D.; Mlewa, C. –  Occurrence of Silver Pompano (Trachinotus blochii) in 3 Coastal Counties of Kenya
  24. Gaspare, L.; Mwakosya, C. –  Assessment of species diversity and distribution of eels in Pangani and Rufiji Riverine systems, Tanzania
  25. Boaz, O.; Fondo, E. –  Impact of population pressure on the distribution and abundance of the Penaeid shrimps along Tudor creek, Mombasa, Kenya
  26. Silali, V.; Maloba, F.; Mkare, T. –  Phylogenetics of sea lice (Cymothoa spp) infesting the Indian white prawn, Penaeus indicus, along the Kenyan coast
  27. van der Walt, K.; Pattrick, P.; Reddy, S.; Porri, F. –  Evaluation of durability of nature-based eco-engineered structures and resiliency of early life stages of fish and invertebrates within a southern African urban coastal system
  28. Nodo, P.; James, N.; Childs, A.; Pattrick, P. –  The nursery function of shallow marine nearshore and estuarine benthic habitats of Algoa Bay for demersal fishes
  29. Ocharo, D. Comparative study of octopus cyanea and octopus vulgaris at the south coast of Kenya
  30. Daudi, L.; Uku, J.; Muthama, C.; Olunga, J.; Ogola, B. –  Fish assemblages and habitat use related to habitat degradation in Thalassodendron ciliatum meadows in Diani-Chale lagoon, Kenya
  31. Tsirilaza, B.; Andriambeloson, A.J.; Rabarison G.A. –  Overview of the fish assemblage through the small-scale fishing analysis in the Betsiboka estuary, northwestern Madagascar
  32. Oliver, J.; Sink, K.; Teske, P.; Mariani, S.; Matcher, G. –  Using cutting-edge molecular tools to detect and monitor priority marine fishes
  33. Mangroo, R.; Hollanda, S.; Govinden, R. –  Baseline study to investigate demersal fish assemblage using stereo baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) on Mahé Plateau
  34. Kinyua, I.; Mkare, T.; Okemwa, G.; Henitsoa, J.; Mwaluma, J. –  Connectivity of fish juveniles in coastal habitats of Kenya
  35. Volanandiana, J.J.A.; Ponton, D.; Raberinary. D.; Jaonalison, H.; Leopold, M., Behivoke F.; Randriatsara, R.M.; Durand, J.-D. –  Precise identification of reef fishes caught in Toliara and Ranobe Bays, southwestern Madagascar
  36. Elison, M.; Kashindye, B.; Mwijage, A.; Sekadende, B.; Mwakosya, C.; Shayo, S.; Sululu, J.; Kangwe, S.; Sweke, E.; Shaban, S.; – Diet composition and feeding habits of small- pelagic fish species targeted by ring nets in in coastal waters of Tanzania
  37. Tembe, S.; Ernesto, B.; Escamade, N. –  Study of reproductive biology and growth of the toothy croaker fish Otolithes ruber, landed on the fishing centre Zalala, Zambézia
  38. Randrianambinintsoa, J.; Mahafina, J.; Ponton, D.; Jaonalison, H. –  Machine learning and remote sensing-based modeling of fish post-larval supply in Madagascar and Reunion Island
  39. Kuguru, B.; Mwakosya, C.; Sekadende, B.; Kishe, M.; George, R.; Semba, M.; Kimirei, I. –  Characterization of the feeding patterns and reproductive dynamics of bigeye, kawakawa, and frigate tuna and tuna-like in the Pemba channel ecosystem
  40. Rumisha, C.; Bugota, V.; Mtonga, C. –  Genetic evidence of a single stock of the queen mackerel Scomberomorus plurilineatus in Tanzanian coastal waters
  41. Osore, M.; Kyewalyanga, M.; Malesa, F.; Tarimo, B.; Ngisiang’e, N.; Mwaluma, J.; Winder, M. –  Standard operating procedures for plankton and fish larvae sampling in the Western Indian Ocean
  42. Muller, C.; Potts, W.; James, N.; Childs, A. –  An eco-physiological investigation of fisheries-induced evolution and climate change
  43. Eggertsen, M.; Gabell, M.; Tano, S.; Chacin, D.; Åkerlund, C.; Jiddawi, N.; Krés, E.; Karlsson, M.; Berkström, C. –  Seasonal dynamics of macroalgae and fish abundances across a shallow tropical seascape in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO)
  44. Mshana, J.; Mgaya, Y.; Shaghude, Y.; Tamatamah, R.; Amon, H. –  Analysis of the Life History and Reproductive Biology of Kawakawa, Euthynnus affinis in Territorial Marine Waters of Tanzania
  45. Mussa, T.; Yahya, S.; Tuda, P. –  Stock assessment of the Thumbprint Emperor Lethrinus harak (Forsskål 1775) in Zanzibar Waters using limited data approach
  46. Mbije, N. –  Patterns of fish community structure in protected and non-protected marine areas in Tanzania mainland
  47. Otwoma, L.; Onyonyi, V.  –  Assessment of the effect of overexploitation on the genetic diversity and resilience of commercially important reef fishes
  48. Elma, E.; MacDonald, C.; Yahya, S.A.S.; Jouffray, J-B.; Rushton, S.; Gullström, M.; Nyström, M. – Exploring Fine-scale distribution of herbivorous fish across a fringing reef flat