10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Estuaries and their resources

THEME VII Estuaries and their resources

  1. Kitheka, J. –  Examination of the role of river discharge on the sustainability of coastal productivity in the Western Indian Ocean
  2. van Driel, J.; Olago, D. –  Water sector natural infrastructure enhancement for climate change adaptation interventions in Kenya’s Tana River Delta
  3. Kihia, C.; Mbaru, E.; Kariuki, C.; Gitonga, L.; Tembo, J.; Muchiri, Z.; Hanzen, C. –  Contributions of catadromous anguillids to river fishery and livelihoods among riparian communities along two east flowing Kenyan rivers
  4. Kihia, J.; Kihia, C.; Mbaru, E.; Kitaka, N.; Gordon,O.; Hanzen, C.; Kariuki, C. –  Diet breadth, overlap and trophic interaction between catadromous eels and sympatric riverine fish along two Kenyan east flowing rivers
  5. Kanyairitha, C.; Gaspare, L. –  The Socio-economic characteristics of the eel value chain and their implications for the fishery sustainability in Tanzania
  6. Paron, P.; Duvail, S.; Herve, D.; Juizo, D.; Paluluane, N.; Mwansasu, S.; Gitau, P.; Nyingi, W.; Andriambeloson , J. –  Mapping the socio-physical dynamics of the Western Indian Ocean deltas
  7. Johnstone, R.; Vu, H. –  Understanding the anthropogenic influences on ecosystem processes in a tropical estuary: Feedback connections and environmental management targets
  8. Ndhlovu, A.; Adams, J.; Human, L. –  Consolidating the patterns of trophic and metal bioaccumulation in estuarine macrofauna
  9. Ranjalahy, H. R.; Robison, L.; Rakotondraompiana, S.; Rasolamanana, E. – Estimation of the concentration of suspended solids in the Betsiboka River using Sentinel2 satellite images
  10. Hervé D.; Robison, L.; Ranjalahy, H.R.; Randrianatoandro, R.; Tabera Tsilefa, S. –  Is the Betsiboka estuary a mangrove sediment filter or a sediment deposit?
  11. Nhantumbo, C.; Juizo, D.; Paluluane, N.; Saul, V.; Cumbe, L. –  Modelling saltwater intrusion in Incomati River as a contribution to the determination of Dynamic Environmental Flow
  12. van Niekerk, L.; Taljaard, S.; Adams, J.; Lamberth, S.; Lemley, D.; Weerts, S. –  Evaluating the vulnerability of Estuarine Lakes to Change: A South African Case study
  13. Randriamparany, M.; Rantsaramody, J. –  Quantitative estimation of the fluvial hydric contributions and their erosive capacities. Case of the rivers discharging in the bay of Diego, Madagascar
  14. Kariuki, C.; Kihia, C.; Esilaba, M.; Hanzen, C.; Mbaru, E. –  Occurrence, recruitment and maturation of Catadromous Anguilla eels at two Kenyan Rivers under differing anthropogenic disturbance
  15. Childs, A.; James, N.; Cowley, P.; Naesje, T.; Darnaude, A.; Kemp, J.; Edworthy, C.; Wilsnagh, S. –  Assessing the role of turbid estuarine systems as key nursery habitats for an iconic estuarine-dependent fishery species
  16. Heba, I.; Mirera, D.; Angulu, R.; Okemwa, D. –  Occurrence and trade of freshwater prawns along river Sabaki estuary in Kenya
  17. Omarjee, A.; Taljaard, S.; Adams, J.  –  Is land-based pollution affecting pH diurnally in estuaries?