10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Endangered species

THEME XXVI: Endangered species

  1. dos Santos, N.; Nel, R.; le Gouvello, D.; Cloete, A. –  In-water ecology, relative abundance and distribution of sea turtles in South Africa using Citizen Science
  2. King, M.; Nel, R.; Harris, L.; Le Gouvello Du Timat, D. –  Investigating sea turtle nest site selection and associated seashore features of sea turtles in South Africa
  3. Jones, S.; Caspi, I. –  Fibropapillomatosis infection in a population of green turtles at Watamu Bay, Kenya
  4. Omondi, B.; Munga, C.; Oduor, N.; Amise, N. –  Impacts of anthropogenic activities on sea turtle nesting habitats in South Coast Kenya
  5. Mortimer, J.; Esteban, N.; Hays, G. –  Long-term changes in adult size of green turtles at Aldabra Atoll across 35 years, clutch size, sexual dimorphism, and growth rates
  6. Niviere, M.; Jean, C.; Bourjea, J.; Didon, V.; Rocamora, G.; Mahafina, J.; Ranaivoson , R.; Randriamiharisoa , L.; Henri Jao, J.; Ballorain, K.; – Satellite tracking highlight population connectivity of hawksbill turtle in the Western Indian Ocean
  7. Louro, C.; Nel, R.; Harris, L. –  People’s perceptions on sea turtle conservation in the Ponta do Ouro-Kosi Bay Transfrontier Conservation Area
  8. Roussouw, N.; Plon, S. –  Sea cows and their meadows: Isotope analysis of historic dugong (Dugong dugon) populations throughout the Indo-Pacific
  9. Saunier, M.; Pinet, P.; Debos, J.; Avargues, N.; Orlowski, S.; Le Corre, M. –  Population dynamics and viability analysis of the Mascarene petrel, a critically endangered seabird endemic to Reunion Island
  10. Davies, T.; Carneiro, A. –  Combining recent seabird tracking data and population estimates to inform marine conservation efforts
  11. Malebatja, M.; Bernard, D. –  Protected and isolated areas provide essential refuge to the critically endangered dageraad, Chrysoblephus cristiceps, in South Africa
  12. Jamal, M.; Dominique, P.; Henitsoa, J. –  The fishes of Madagascar include 116 threatened species based on UICN red list (2021)
  13. Le Gouvello, D.; Heye, S.; Gaspar, P.; Hart-Davis, M.; Louro, C.; Harris, L.; Nel, R. –  Dispersal corridors of neonate turtles in the South Western Indian Ocean
  14. Sanders, Y.; Connan, M.; van der Vyver, F.; Hofmeyr, G. –  Spatial distribution of Cape fur seal strandings on the south-east coast of South Africa