10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Elasmobranchs and Cetaceans

THEME XVII: Elasmobranchs and Cetaceans

  1. Barteneva, S,; Antraigue, C.; Douady, C.; Berkenbaum, L.; Rawat, S.; Vitry, H. –  Vulnerability assessment of critical cetacean habitats offshore Mauritius for Marine Spatial Planning applications
  2. Jasmine, T.; Adam, P.; Theresine, P. –  Tracking the Sicklefin Lemon Sharks in Curieuse Marine National Park (CMNP)
  3. Mirobo, F.; Getahun, A. –  The impact of shark liver oil trade on the conservation and management of threatened shark species in Zanzibar, Tanzania
  4. Andrianariveo, N.; Cerchio, S. –  Protection and valuation of the whales and dophins by the local community in the municipalities of Anakao, Soalara Sud and Saint Augustin, Southwest of Madagascar
  5. Fidiarisandratra, L.; Tsarahevitra, J. –  Spatial and temporal distribution of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) in the bay of Nosy Be, Northwest of Madagascar
  6. Sorby, S. –  The legal framework of whale watching activities in the Indian Ocean: evaluating the most effective tools to mitigate whale-watching abuse
  7. Martinez, S.; Zouboudou, H: Pilot program on the study of reef sharks and rays in Moheli Comoros(Bamba Project)- Sarah Martinez
  8. Fisseau, C.; Hoarau, L.R.; Martín-Montalvo, B.Q.; Delaspre, S.; Landes, A-E. –  A team dedicated to the quietude of cetaceans and marine turtles in Reunion: an action that adapts to an evolving context and emerging threats
  9. Thouless, C.; Musembi, P.; Osuka, K.; Samoilys, M.; Kiilu, B. –  Improving shark and ray catch data and options for their conservation and management in Kenyan coastal waters
  10. Caputo, M.; Bouveroux, T.; van der Bank, M.; Cliff, G.; Kiszka, J.; Froneman, P.; Plön, S. –  Fine-scale population structure and trophic interactions of coastal delphinids off the eastern coast of South Africa inferred from stable isotope analysis
  11. Anatole, A.- Contribution to the study of catches of sharks and rays in the waters of Itapera, Municipality of Mandromodromotra, Anosy Region South of Madagascar
  12. Estrade, V.; Dulau, V. –  Assessing abundance of spinner dolphins off a remote oceanic island (Reunion Island, South West Indian Ocean) using mark-recapture method
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  15. Elston, C.; Cowley, P. –  An estuary is identified as an important habitat for critically endangered stingrays
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