10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Coastal ecosystems and associated organisms

THEME XXIV: Coastal ecosystems and associated organisms

  1. Kyewalyanga, M.; Mwaluma, J.; Mbodze, A.; Osore, M. –  Seasonal impact on plankton community structure in tropical seagrass coastal habitat of East Africa
  2. Bandeira, S.; Cossa, D. –  Exposure of seagrass Halodule uninervis and Oceana serrulata to different levels of sediment height: An experiment to understand the role of seagrass in coastal protection
  3. Razakarisoa, T.; Rakotonjanahary, F.; Nomenisoa, A.; Todinanahary, G.; Zafimampiravo, H.; Isreal, J.; Mahafina, J.; Henitsoa, J.; Lavitra, T.; Ranivoarivelo, L.; – Seagrass species diversity and geographical distribution in Ranobe Bay (south-western Madagascar)
  4. Todinanahary, G.; Nomenisoa, A.; Lavitra, T.; Ranivoarivelo, L. –  Distribution and quality of carrageenophyte algae (Kappaphycus sp, Kappaphycus striatus, Euchema sp and Euchema odontophorum) in the South-west region of Madagascar
  5. Chunguane, Y.; Cossa, D.; Guissamulo, A. –  Structural and nutritional aspects of seagrass species occurring in Dugong feeding area at Inhaca Island, Southern Mozambique
  6. Rakotonirina, R.; Rakotonjanahary, F.; Ranivoarivelo, L.; Henintsoa, J. –  Diversity of meiofauna associated with seagrass meadows in the South-west region of Madagascar
  7. Rusekwa, S.; Buriyo, A.; Msuya, F.; Mvungi, E.; Brodie, J.; Brakel, J. –  Characterization and distribution of native and non-native Eucheuma and Kappaphycus species collected in selected sites along the coast of Tanzania
  8. Marillier, A.; Ranivoarivelo, L. –  Diversity and distribution of seagrass beds of the Great Reef of Toliara (Southwestern Madagascar)
  9. Hamisi, M.; Lyimo, L.; Stiepani, J.; Nordlund, L. –  Invertebrate community composition along the seagrass dominated intertidal zone in Bagamoyo, Tanzania
  10. Lusana, J.; Lugendo, B. –  Assessing the seagrass species diversity of Tanzania using DNA barcoding and High-Resolution Melting analysis (Bar-HRM)
  11. Mutesa, M.; Nyaga, J.; Nyunja, J.; Githaiga, M. –  Comparative assessment of anthropogenic impacts on the diversity and abundance of seagrass and associated seaweed communities in Mombasa, Kenya
  12. Malesa, F.; Tarimo, B.; Swedi, F.; Kyewalyanga, M.; George, R. –  Seagrass structural complexity and environmental variables as a determinant of fish larvae assemblages in coastal waters of Tanga, Tanzania
  13. Rakotonjanahary, F.; Jonathan, P.; Rakotonirina, J.; Todinanahary, G.; Vanderklift, M.; Thierry, L.; Ranivoarivelo, L. –  Faunal diversity associated with seagrass beds in Ranobe Bay, South-western of Madagascar
  14. Eggertsen, L.; Goodell, W.; Cordeiro, C.; de Lucena, M.B.; Berkström, C. –  Seascape configuration influences ecological function of seagrass meadows in two protected areas in Mozambique (Primeiras & Segundas and the Bazaruto Archipelago)
  15. Mory, T.; De Troch, M.; Jaonalison, H.; Ravelohasina, H.; Rakotonjanahary, F.; Mahafina, J.; Ranivoarivelo, L. –  First ecological study on seagrass epifaunal diversity in Toliara Bay, South-west of Madagascar
  16. Waiguchu, G. –  Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Changes on Seagrasses in the Intertidal Areas of Lamu
  17. Mkhize, T.; James, N.; Parker-Nance, S.; Adams, J. –  Structural complexity of Zostera capensis and Plocamium corallorhiza in the Algoa Bay shallow-water seascape
  18. Tovontena, L.; Todinanahary, G. –  Study of the seaweed population  on the fringing reef of Sarodrano (Toliara)
  19. Razafimahazo, M. Z.; Ranivoarivelo, L. N.; Lavitra, T.; Razanoelisoa, J.; Rakotonandrasana, N. S.; Fenoradosoa, T. A.; Rahaingo Nomenjanahary, P. –  Distribution, density and biomass of red seaweed Halymenia durvillei in the south-west region of Madagascar
  20. Ramamonjisoa, B.; Rodine, C.; Kira, J.; Ranivoarivelo, L.; Rasolofonirina, R.; Obe, J.; Wood, W.; Lavitra, T. –  Diversity and distribution of macroalgae in the southwest of Madagascar
  21. Redelinghuys, S.; Matcher, G.; Porri, F. –  Qualification of the bacterial gut microbiome of the sea urchin, Parechinus angulosus, using 16S rRNA analysis
  22. Macamo, C.; Adams, J. –  Distribution, diversity and threats of saltmarsh ecosystems in Maputo Bay-South Mozambique
  23. Gayiza, M.; James, N.; Bernard, A.; Steyn, P. –  The importance of structural complexity for nursery provision within a mosaic of habitats in a temperate rocky cove
  24. Mcodly, S.; Fulanda, B. –  Comparative study on the species richness, abundance and diversity of marine macro invertebrates in Mombasa Marine Reserve and shelly beach coastal waters
  25. Bugota, V.; Rumisha, C. –  Patterns of genetic connectivity support the existing management regime of the Tanzanian sandfish, Holothuria scabra
  26. Kyewalyanga, M.; Malesa, F. – The impact of seasonal dynamics in environmental variables on phytoplankton and zooplankton in Tanga coastal waters; Tanzania
  27. Hinzano, S.; Ngarari, M.; Opiyo, M.; Ogello, E.; Fulanda, A.; Odiwuor, D. –  Distribution of major phytoplankton groups along a salinity gradient in Kenyan saltworks
  28. Said, A. –  Species diversity and spatial distribution of zooplankton along Bagamoyo coastal water in Tanzania
  29. Gibb, R.; Bornman, T.; Dorrington, R. –  Molecular techniques provide insight into the importance of phytoplankton communities as ecosystem indicators
  30. Saandi, F.; Ahmed Mohamed, N.; Mohamed Ibrahim, H. –  Distribution and diversity of marine phanerogam meadows: case of Ndrundé (Ngazidja, Comoros)
  31. Kalyan, B.; Snow, G.; Bornman, T. –  Bridging the gap between morphological and molecular identification of coastal diatoms
  32. Mbete, N.; Toefy, R. –  Foraminifera assemblage of two Marine Protected Areas on the west coast, South Africa
  33. Emmanuel, C.; Meglecz, E.; Héloise, R.; Camille, C.; Charles, Le Bozec. –  Variation in sponge assemblages and their microbiota along a gradient of anthropization: applications for environmental monitoring in the Mayotte lagoon?
  34. Gasimandova, L.; Tsimbazafihery, J.; Lavitra, T.; Mara, E. –  Spatial variability in growth and recruitment of sponges Community in Northwestern Madagascar