10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Blue economy: Opportunities and challenges

THEME XIII: Blue economy: Opportunities and challenges

  1. Randriamahatody, Z.; Rajoelisoa, A.; Vaosolomalala, Y.M.; Mong, Y.J.M.; Razanamparany, L. – Circular Economy For Sustainable Shrimp By-products Management
  2. Mondon, J. – Coastal sediment impact: Climate Variability and Coastal Development in the Seychelles
  3. Muriuki, J.; Kariuki, J.; Nganga, M. –  Harnessing Blue Economy for Environmental and Socio-Economic Sustainability and Resilience in Coastal Urban Areas of Kenya
  4. Overbeeke, F.; Jumbe, A.; Hamad, H.; Hamed, S. –  Opportunities for value chain improvement in artisanal fisheries and aquaculture, contributing to sustainable blue economy development in Zanzibar
  5. Steenkamp, T. –  Reflections on a coastal infrastructure development project aimed at enhancing impoverished communities’ access to the ocean economy
  6. Rabary, A.; Mahatante, T.; Randrianarimanana, J.; Randrianasolo, N. –  Governance strategies for the blue economy implementation: the case of Madagascar
  7. Ndegwa, S. –  Marble distribution in Kuranze, Kwale County, towards harnessing non-living resources for the Kenyan Blue Economy (Markblue)
  8. Senkondo, E.; Medard, D. –  Exploring the Potential of Blue Economy for Improvement of Coastal Communities’ Livelihoods in Tanzania
  9. Manyilizu, M. –  Potential Implication of Climate Variability and Change on the Achievement of Sustainable Blue Economy in Kenya
  10. Fulanda, B.; Seisay, M.; Anozie, O.  –  Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning; A Need for Policy Uptake to Support the Blue Economy Development in the Western Indian Ocean Region