1st – 6th July 2019

Awards and more from attending WIOMSA’s Scientific Symposia


Attending the WIOMSA Scientific Symposium as a PhD student since 2013 has benefitted me both professionally and personally. It has given me the opportunity to share and learn best practices for my research work and participate in a wide range of networking opportunities with eminent marine scientists around the world. It also allowed me to build up my team management skills by providing a forum where I was able to take the pulse of what is happening with regard to innovative new developments in the marine science area in response to emerging trends.

At the same time, I was able to have direct access to exhibits and presentations, thus gaining more valuable information about what other universities and organisations are doing and where they are focusing their efforts. This is especially important given that the current focus of the Government of Mauritius is on the exploration of the ocean as the next frontier for economic development and the key for greater national prosperity. Essentially, the symposium has enabled me to return armed with additional skills and abilities that can be applicable in propelling my career development”

I attended the Symposium in 2013, 2015 and 2017 and will definitely attend this year too. I would also like to say thanks to WIOMSA, for the experience, knowledge and skills gained from attending the Symposia which has led me to win the prestigious L’OREAL-UNESCO Women in Science Award for Africa for my work in the field of Marine Science in the WIO region. The only WIOMSA student member and African woman marine scientist to win this so far!

Rima Beesoo
PhD student in Applied Marine Biochemistry
University of Mauritius