10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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Photo credit: Karen Bowles

Photo credit: Karen Bowles


Keynotes and sessions are open to all participants, will focus on the following  main sub-themes:

Understanding Ocean Processes:

Topics include: Regional climate change and variability, biogeochemical interaction processes, upwelling mechanisms, modelling of physical and geological processes, shoreline changes, and trends and projections of extreme events and major oceanographic processes.

Maintenance of Ocean Health:

The effects of physical, chemical, and biological contaminants on marine ecosystem function and human well-being. This section will also focus on issues of emerging concern e.g. marine plastic.

Human dimensions:

Human actions that influence and are influenced by the Ocean’s environment. Methods to research and capacity building that make use of the most recent advances in the social and natural sciences. Topics can include Capacity, Sustainability, Governance, Science, policy and society, Coastal Cities and human settlements


The drastic effects of climate change and climate variability on the Ocean pose a significant threat to humanity. Key topics Key Vulnerability, Impacts, Adaptation, Mitigation, Scenarios, and model. This theme also welcomes presentations on regional efforts that contribute to coordinated global climate actions for a sustainable future.

Coasts and Oceans:

Interactions among the land, coasts and oceans, whether caused by natural or human factors at different timescales and their implications on global environmental change and implications for sustainability. Key topics: Land use and land change, Ocean and coastal changes, System interactions and Transboundary issues

Marine Biodiversity, Food Safety and Security:

Marine taxonomy and biogeography, Status, trends of marine biodiversity, and impacts of climatic and anthropogenic stressors, Research and conservation of critical habitats and endangered species, Sustainable fisheries, and environmentally friendly aquaculture, Toxic marine organisms and seafood safety.

Knowledge of Cross-cutting and Emerging Issues:

Ocean observations in the WIO: major advances and challenges, Sensor and observation technology, Ocean data and information management, Renewable energy technology, Coastal ecosystem services, and marine social-economic analysis, Blue economy research and practices, Ocean science policy and governance, Marine scientific advances and knowledge gap in the WIO; Impact of Covid-19 on marine science in the WIO