10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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31 October_Oral Presentations 2017

TUESDAY, 31 October 2017

Venue: Selous

Session XIX: Mariculture development in WIO region

1100 C. Halling, S. Tano, M. Eggertsen, F. Msuya & A. Buriyo – East African seaweed farming at a crossroads: implications for a regional seaweed resource management
1120 C. Brugere, F. Msuya, N. Jiddawi, R. Maly & B. Nyonje – Sea PoWer: Improved seaweed farming technology for women’s empowerment, livelihoods and environmental protection
1140 N.S. Jiddawi & M. Haws – Sustainable pearl farming using new techniques of spat collectors in Zanzibar
1200 F. Rakotonjanahary, I. Eeckhaut, R. Rasolofonirina, T. Lavitra & G.G.B. Todinanahary – Towards a sustainable management of mud crab (Scylla serrata) in Madagascar: the challenge of the development of crab aquaculture

Venue: Mikumi

Session XX: Physical and meteorological proces

1100 K.H. Kai, Y.W. Shaghude & C.C.B. Uiso – The influence of tropical cyclones on vegetation productivity indices along the coast of Tanzania
1120 D. Mawren – Link between rainfall variability over the Southern African mainland and tropical cyclone activity in the Mozambique channel
1140 M. Manyilizu – How do subsurface sea temperatures vary inter-annually in the tropical western Indian Ocean off the East African Region?
1200 * B. Nhantumbo, F. Shillington, B. Backeberg, J.E. Nilsen & C. Reason – Drivers and trends of sea level variability along the east and south coast of Southern Africa

Venue: Mafia

Session XXI: Reducing of megafauna bycatch

1100 P. Berggren, M. Sharpe, A.J. Temple, L. Yang, O.A. Amir, N.S. Jiddawi & J. Neasham – Recycled bottles offer potential low-cost solution to marine mammal bycatch
1120 O.A. Amir, A. Brito, P. Berggren, B. Everett, S. Fennessy, N.S. Jiddawi, E. Kimani, J. Kiszka, N. Ngisiang’e, H. Ong’anda, S. Perez, C. Poonain, S.M. Stead, A.J. Temple & N. Wambiji – Assessment and mitigation of marine megafauna catch in southwestern Indian Ocean fisheries
1140 A.J. Temple, J.J. Kiszka, C. Poonian, N. Wambiji, O.A. Amir & P. Berggren – Assessing marine megafauna captures in small-scale fisheries of the southwestern Indian Ocean: combining questionnaire, landing site and on-board observer survey data
1200 V. Machava, A. Guissamulo & S. Mucave – Marine megafauna at Fernào Veloso and Nacala Bays, Mozambique: a case study of coal port terminal construction and operation

Venue: Gombe

Session XXII: Sea cucumber: Ecology and management options

1100 M. Leopold, R. Govinden, J. Caquelard, & P. Bach – Estimating sea cucumber resource abundance in the Seychelles using spatially-explicit fishery-dependant data
1120 T. Kluckow & A. Donah – Effect of biomass density, handling stress, and non-fallowing of sediment on the growth and survival of Holothuria Scabra
1140 G. Pirog, B. Bédier, F. Georget & H. Magalon – Clonal structure through space and time in Reunion Island: high stability in the holothurian Stichopus chloronotus (Echinodermata)
1200 T.K. Mmbaga, Y.D. Mgaya & S.G.M. Ndaro – The effect of exploitation on reproductive potential of holothuria scabra in Tanzanian coastal waters

Venue: Katavi

Session XXIII: Genetic connectivity

1100 S. Singh, J.C. Groeneveld & S. Willows-Munro – A molecular phylogeny of the spiny lobster Panulirus homarus supports a new species from the Southwest Indian Ocean
1120 * R.P. Payne, T. Samaai, M.J. Gibbons, S. Kerwath & D. Parker – Demospongiae taxonomy and diversity of the Amathole region (Eastern Cape, South Africa)
1140 A. Dinoi, M. Rius, C.D. McQuaid & P.R. Teske – Genetic connectivity and hybridisation between temperate and subtropical rocky shore ascidians, Pyura spp
1200 T. Claverie, D. Roos & E. Sucre – Biomechanical functional space, a tool to characterize species functions in ecosystems

Venue: Bagamoyo

Session XXIV: Seagrass: Status and community structure

1100 M.N. Githaiga, A.M. Frouws, J.G. Kairo, L. Gilpin & M. Huxham – Seagrass loss causes rapid changes in sediment dynamics and macrofaunal communities, at Gazi Bay, Kenya
1120 * M.E. Mabuto, S.O. Bandeira & A. da Silva – Changes in seagrass coverage after 21 years of climate impact: case of Inhambane Bay (southern Mozambique)
1140 * B.W. Waweru, E.O. Okuku, J. Okondo, V.A. Mwakha, L.N. Daudi & S. Mwangi – Spatial and Temporal distribution and community structure of Macro-infauna in Seagrass Biotope, Shimoni- Kenya
1200 M. Gullström, M. Silas, S. Mgeleka, A. Knudby, M. Dahl, M. Björk & R. Lindborg – Exploring effects of seascape configuration on ecosystem services associated to tropical seagass beds