10th – 15th October 2022
South Africa

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30 October_Oral Presentations 2017

30 October 2017

Venue: Selous

Session I: Coral reefs: Ecological processes

1100 H. Magalon, G.B. Postairea, & C. Fauvelot – Reevaluating species number, distribution and endemism of the coral genus Pocillopora Lamarck, 1816 using species delimitation methods and microsatellites
1120  S. Porter & M.H. Schleyer – Long-term dynamics of a high-latitude coral community at Sodwana Bay, South Africa
1140  * B. Chiazzari – To lump or to split, that is the question; the Pocilloporidae of South Africa
1200 F. Jouval, M. Adjeroud, & L. Penin – Coral recruitment processes on progressive autogenic ecological successions (marine lava flows from Piton de La Fournaise volcano, Reunion) and on allogenic regressive successions under anthropogenic stress in SWIO coral reefs (Reunion, Rodrigues)

Session II: Coral reefs: Impacts of climate changes

1400 S. Mattan-Moorgawa, R. Bhagooli, S. Rughooputh, P.K. Chumun, & N. Taleb-Hossenkhan –  Variable stress responses of tissue balls from hard corals harbouring clades C and D symbionts
1420 * S. Ramah & R. Bhagooli – Thermal stress tolerance differences between two giant clam species in Mauritius
1440 D. Pearton & M.H. Schleyer – Responses of complex vs robust clade corals from high latitude South African reefs to warming and acidification
1500 R. Klaus, J. Raffin, E. Hardman, R. Raffaut, & S. Meunier – Assessing the impact of the 2015-2016 coral bleaching in Rodrigues (Republic of Mauritius)

Session III: Effectiveness of MPAs & community managed areas

1600 P. Julius, M. Machumu, A. Tuda, & J. O’Leary – Strategic Adaptive Management as an effective assessment model for coral reef monitoring in Marine Protected Areas
1620 A. Tuda & M. Machumu – Understanding adaptive capacity of marine protected area management to environmental change
1640 J. O’Leary, A.O. Tuda, B. Schulte-Herbruggen, A. Cedras, & E.M. Machumu – Evaluating marine management agency adaptive capacity: Comparison between Seychelles and Tanzania
1700 F. Huyghe & M. Kochzius – High self-recruitment and export of recruits from a marine protected area in a coral reef fish
1720 T. Haupt-Schuter, T. Samaai, S. Kirkman, A. Bernard, A. Gotz, L. Janson, D. Anders, L. Snyders & I. Malick – Marine protected areas as a platform for monitoring reef communities in South Africa

Venue: Mikumi

Session IV: Deep-sea fisheries

1100 Z. Dhurmeea, H. Pethybridge, I. Zudaire, M. Cedras, W. West, N. Nikolic, J. Bourjea, C. Appadoo & N. Bodin – The reproductive biology and related lipid dynamics of albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) in the western Indian Ocean
1120 L. Couturier, N. Bodin, C. Diaha, F. Sardenne, P. Houssard, V. Allain, A. Barthes, F. Rouspard, C. Sanchez, C. Menkes, F. Ménard, D. Gillikin & A. Lorrain – Global-scale analysis of trophic interactions in co-occurring tropical tuna using stable isotope analyses
1140 S. Hollanda, P. Bustamante, C. Churlaud, B. Hoarau & N. Bodin – Trace metals in swordfish caught within Seychelles waters:  bioaccumulation and risk assessment for consumers
1200 R. Mullins, W. Sauer, N. McKeown & P. Shaw – Population genomic analysis of yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares off South Africa reveals need for shifted management boundary

Session V: Deep-sea habitats

1400 * P. Annasawmy, F. Marsac, J.-F. Ternon, P. Cotel, A.-L. Dhaussy, G. Roudaut, C. Yves & E. Romanov – An acoustic approach to investigate micronekton dynamics at seamounts in the South West Indian Ocean
1420  S. Harris, M. Noyon, J. Huggett, M. Roberts, F. Marsac & J.-F. Ternon – Influence of eddy-topographic dynamics on larval fish assemblages around seamounts in the SWIO Region
1440  P. Vianello & M. Roberts – On the circulation over the Madagascar Ridge using Satellite and in-situ Data
1500  J.-F. Ternon, P. Vianello, S. Herbette, F. Dilmahamod, M. Noyon & M. Roberts – The MAD-Ridge cruise: physical interactions on a seamount ecosystem in the West Indian Ocean- preliminary results

Session VI: Contributions of the RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen to fisheries and oceanography knowledge

1600 J.C. Groeneveld, K. Koranteng & J. Francis – The RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen in the Western Indian Ocean: Voyages of marine research and capacity development
1620  B. Everett & S.T. Fennessy Can demersal survey data provide insights into fish community disturbances?
1640  J. Huggett & M.S. Kyewalyanga – The RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen in the Western Indian Ocean: Ocean Productivity
1700  I. Halo, B. Malauene & M. Ostrowski – Oceanographic progress in the Western Indian Ocean: contributions by the RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen
1720  J.-O. Krakstad, C.N. Munga & T. Strømme – Small pelagic fish resources of the Western Indian Ocean: Estimates from RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen survey
1740  S. Fennessy, J.-O. Krakstad, J. Groeneveld, G. Bianchi & B. Everett – Demersal resources and biodiversity of the Western Indian Ocean, as determined by the RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen

Venue: Mafia

Session VII: Mangroves: Their ecology and their integrity

 1100 N. Koedam, N. Tonné, E.M.R. Robert, H. Beeckman, O. Leroux, M. Reynders, J. De Mey & N. Buls – Rhizophoraceae mangrove offspring, do they go or stay put? Shaped and armed for both!
 1120  * E. Japhet, M.M. Mangora & C.C Trettin – Secondary Succession Patterns of Mangrove Forest in the Degraded and Abandoned Paddy Farming Areas in Rufiji Delta, Tanzania
 1140  * F. Mburu, J.G. Kairo, J.M. Mironga, & N. Koedam – Cover and cover change analysis of mangrove forests in the trans-boundary areas of Kenya and Tanzania
 1200  * E. Monga, M.M. Mangora and J.S. Mayunga – Analysis of Mangrove Cover Change in Rufiji Delta from 1991 to 2015 and Projection to 2045

Session VIII: Mangroves: Status and their integrity

1400 P. Ramanamandimby, A.A.N. Ratovoson, S. Razanaka, & H.R. Ratsimba – Challenges and perspectives of spatial definition of mangrove landscape areas in the Western Coast of Madagascar using Earth Observation Data
1420 * D. Theuerkauff, S. Lambert, Y. Mercky, G. Rivera-Ingraham, M. Lejeune, J.-H. Lignot & E. Sucré – Mangrove crabs distribution in a disturbed area: consequences of wastewater release
1440 C. Golléty, E. Longépée, L. Rasoamanana, B. Anselme & F. Bertrand – Project ARESMA: Acting on the resilience of socio-ecological mangrove systems of Mayotte
1500 P. Bunting, R.M. Lucas, A. Rosenqvist, P. van Eijk, L. Hillarides, P.M. Wade & J. Mulonga – The Global Mangrove Watch and Mangrove Watch Africa

Session IX: Mangroves: Impacts of climate change & Carbon stocks

1600 * A. Nonyukela, S. Baldanzi, L. Vumazonke & F. Porri – A subtropical to temperate transition along the east coast of South Africa shapes the thermal physiology of the truncated mangrove snail, Cerithidea decollata (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda, Potamididae)
1620 J. Okello, J. Kairo, F. Dahdouh-Guebas, H. Beeckman & N. Koedam – Morpho-anatomical development of mangrove trees under experimental partial burial
1640 * L. Gillerot, E. Vlaminck, H. Beeckman, J.G. Kairo, K. Van Puyvelde & N. Koedam – Would wood make the difference? Species-specific mangrove wood carbon in Gazi Bay, Kenya
1700 C.C. Trettin, M. Mangora & S. Bandeira – Mangrove Carbon Stocks of the Zambezi and Rufiji River Deltas
1720 S.K. Lee, T. Fatoyinbo, D. Lagomasino, E. Feliciano, C. Trettin & M. Mangora – High-resolution 3D mapping of mangrove forest structure and aboveground biomass stocks for the East Africa
1740 F. Nunan & M. Huxham – Explaining ecosystem health of a tropical seascape: using the social-ecological systems framework to explore governance-ecosystem health links

Venue: Gombe

Session X: Threatened Marine Species: Marine turtles & Dugongs

 1100 L. Hoarau, M. Dalleau, J.A. Mortimer, D. Pelletier, M. Quillard, H.R. George, C. Jean, J. Bourjea, S. Ciccione & D. Roos – Movement patterns of post-nesting green turtles Chelonia mydas in the South-West Indian Ocean and implications for its conservation
 1120  M. Dalleau, M. Lalire, C. Tardy, S. Al Harthi, A. Wilson, M. Pereira, R. Fernandes, R. Nel, B. Rakotonirina, S. Jacquemet, S. Ciccione, V.Z. Hannah, K.A. Bjorndal, A. Bolten & J. Bourjea – A regional and multidisciplinary approach to study and protect an endangered species: the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta)
 1140  K. Findlay, L. West, M.O. Mohamed & V. Cockcroft – Aerial surveys of Dugongs in the coastal waters of Tanzania and Kenya
1200  V. Cockcroft, A. Guissamulo & K. Findlay – Modelling the Viability of the last viable dugong population off East Africa: Dugongs (Dugong dugon) in the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Session XI: Threatened Marine Species: Sharks

1400 R. Govinden, R. Melanie & C. Gerry – Movement and residency patterns of grey reef sharks, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos, along the west coast of Mahé, Seychelles
1420 S. Jaquemet, K. Addi, S. Adrianenssens, O. Bielen, A. Blaison, E. Chateauminois, D. Gyomard, M. Hoarau, E. Lagabrielle, H. Magalon, A. Niewiarowski, K. Patel, C. Perry, A. Pirog, T. Poirout, B. Reche, M. Soria, F. Taglioni, C. Trystram, & G. Vangrevelynghe – From attacks to risk management: How does Reunion Island deal with sharks?
1440 C. Obota, S. Melita, & O. Kennedy – Review of artisanal shark populations in the eastern African coast
1500 * J. Klein, M. Dicken, P. Teske, A.B. van der Merwe & K. Mmonwa – Genetic investigation of reproductive philopatry of the raggedtooth shark (Carcharias taurus) along the South African coast

Session XII: Threatened Marine Species: Megafauna and seabirds

1600 N. Rabearisoa, P. Sabarros, E. Romanov, V. Lucas & P. Bach – Toothed whale and shark depredation indicators: a case study from La Reunion Island and Seychelles pelagic longline fisheries
1620 I. Webster, V. Cockcroft, A. Cadinouche & A. Huggins – Cetacean Diversity of Mauritius
1640 * P. Musembi, B Cowburn & R.D. Sluka – Research and Conservation of Elasmobranchs in Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve, Kenya
1700 V. Plot, B. Legrand, A. Benneveau, A. Jaeger, L. Maurel, J. Bourjea, S. Ciccione, M. Dalleau, V. Dulau, S. Cerchio, S. Jaquemet, S. Orlowski, P. Pinet, M. Nicoll, C.G. Jones, K. Ruhomaun, V. Tatayah, K. Norris, R. Von Brandis, G.C. Hays, J.A. Mortimer, N. Esteban, S. Fossette, M.P. Heide-Jorgensen, M. Vély, C. Feare, H. Weimerskirch & M. Le Corre – Marine megafauna hotspots revealed by large scale tracking in the Indian Ocean
1720 T. Davies & M. Dias – An evaluation of threats to seabirds in the West Indian Ocean
1740 M. Dias & T. Davies – Evaluation and application of marine Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas in the West Indian Ocean

Venue: Katavi

Session XIII: Genetic resources

 1100 A. Gopeechund, R. Bhagooli, V.S. Neergheen-Bhujun, T. Bahorun – Seaweeds of Mauritius: Phenolic rich extracts with antioxidant properties
 1120  * S. Ramjan, V. Bhoyroo & D. Puchooa – Prospective medical applications of extracts from Cassiopea spp. and its associated symbionts
 1140  L.A.S Tee, V. Bhoyroo & D. Puchooa – Diadema savignyi, a key prospect in pharmaceutics
1200  R. Beesoo, R. Bhagooli, V. Neergheen Bhujun, W.W. Li, A. Kagansky & T. Bahorun – Antioxidant and cytotoxic effects of the tropical sponge Neopetrosia sp. crude extract and fractions

Session XIV: Genetic diversity and connectivity

1400 * S.S. Mgeleka, M.O. Silas, E. Viinamäki, P. Polte, M. Gullström, M. Sköld & R. Foster – Genetic population structure and connectivity patterns of some highly artisanal-targeted fish species in coastal Tanzania
1420 J. Mshana, Y.D. Mgaya & Y.W. Shaghude – Genetic Stock Structure and Phylogenetic Relationship of Kawakawa Euthynnus affinis – Cantor (1849) in the Northern Coastal Waters of Tanzania Using Mitochondrial DNA Control Region
1440 M. Czachur, S. von der Heyden & S. Creer – Hidden fish biodiversity: Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to characterise the hidden genetic diversity of fish in South Africa
1500 R. van der Ven, C. Buitrago-López, L. Triest & M. Kochzius – High level of genetic subdivision along the East African coast for the stony coral Seriatopora hystrix

Session XV: Genetic connectivity and biogeography

1600 * S. Talma, P.D. Cowley, J.R. Glass – Fly fishing in the Seychelles Archipelago and genetic connectivity of bonefish: implications for fisheries management
1620 M. Kochzius – Connectivity of coral reefs in the Western Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific
1640 A. Macdonald, L. Cele, R. van Rooyen, M. Schleyer & S. Fennessy – Evolutionary patterns in the Western Indian Ocean
1700 R. Bennett, C.R. Delacy & M.Z. Markovina – Biogeography of East Africa’s coral reef fishes, as determined using diver-operated stereo video census
1720 S. Woolley, N. Bax, S. Foster & P. Dunstan – Developing statistical model-based bioregions for the Indian Ocean
1740 * L. Otwoma, V. Diemel, H. Reuter & A. Meyer – Genetic population structure of the convict surgeonfish Acanthurus triostegus in the Indo-Pacific: insights from mitochondrial DNA

Venue: Bagamoyo

Session XVI: Primary productivity

 1100 * S. Limbu & M.S. Kyewalyanga – Spatial and temporal variations in environmental variables and phytoplankton composition and biomass as indicators of coral reef health status around Unguja, Zanzibar, Tanzania
 1120  F. Dilmahamod, P. Penven, J. Hermes & C. Reason – South-East Madagascar Phytoplankton Bloom: A modelling perspective
 1140  H. Cau – Seasonal and spatial variability of satellite derived Chlorophyll-a and sea surface temperature in the Sofala Bank, Mozambique Shelf
1200  M. Soondur, R. Boojhawon, R. Lowe & R. Bhagooli – Inferring spatial variation in primary productivity using Chlorophyll a satellite data around Mauritius Island

Session XVII: Estuarine ecology &processes

1400 * A. Michael & C. Lugomela – Distribution of harmful phytoplankton along the gradient of Ruvu Estuary of the Tanzanian coast
1420 * A. Mwijage, D.A. Shilla & J.F. Machiwa – Diet dynamics and feeding strategies of Hilsa kelee (Cuvier, 1829) and Valamugil buchanani (Bleeker, 1853) in Pangani estuary, Tanzania: Insights from stomach contents and fatty acid trophic biomarkers
1440 F. MacKay – Physical extremes, regime changes and biological shifts in St Lucia, South Africa’s largest estuary
1500 S. Weerts – Connectivity amongst marine, estuarine and freshwater systems and its implications for estuarine fish communities

Session XVIII: Socio-ecological factors and fisheries

1600 C. Kihia, A. Muthumbi, J. Okondo, J. Kanya, A. Nthiga & V. Njuguna – Exploitation currency among artisanal bait fishers: are intertidal bait harvesters optimal foragers?
1620 H. Mwamlavya, C. Munga, B. Fulanda, P. Thoya, J. Omukoto & J. Groeneveld – Assessment of Socio-economic Factors Driving Fisheries Resource-use Patterns in the Tana River Delta Ecosystem, north coast Kenya
1640 J. Tunje – Using the D-P-S-I-R framework to assess artisanal fisheries resource-use conflicts along the Kenya coast
1700 * C. D’Agata, L. Eggersten, L.M. Nordlund & M. Gullstöm – Social and ecological factors influencing small-scale fisheries in the Bay of Bazaruto, Mozambique
1720 A. Wamukota, B. Crona, M. Thyresson & T. Daw – Structure-Conduct-Performance of nearshore marine fisheries in Kenya
1740 S. D’Agata – Drivers of socio-ecological adaptive capacity in coastal communities across Madagascar