1st – 6th July 2019

2017 Posters V – Z

313. V. van der Schyff, N. Yive & H. Bouwman – Metallic elements in corals from five reefs in the Western Indian Ocean
314. A. van Zon, H. O. Venterink & N. Koedam – Fluctuating soil salinity affect N:P ratios of different tropical mangrove species
315. M. S. Vezi – Response of zooplankton communities to altered water quality and flow seasonal changes in selected river dominated estuaries in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
316. E. Videira – A marine turtle “boneyard” of WIO importance, in Inhassoro – Mozambique
317. E. Videira – Is the Greater Bazaruto Area (Mozambique) a WIO hotspot for marine turtles?
318. M. Viitasalo, M. Juma, V. Karvinen, Z. Khamis, M. Koskelainen, N. Käyhkö, J. Lappalainen, F. Mbarouk, H. C. Muumin & E. Virtanen – Community participation used in building the first Coastal and Marine Spatial Plan for Zanzibar
319. L. Vivier, Q. Schutte & D. P. Cyrus – The importance of long-term monitoring in understanding the response of a stressed estuarine fish community to recurring hypersaline conditions: Lake St Lucia, South Africa
320. N. Wambiji, L. Vandepitte, M. Odido, W. Appeltans, M. BelHassen, P. Mussai, S. Nsiangango, N. Zamouri & A. M. Jiddou – The African Register of Marine Species (AfReMaS): what can it do for you, and how can you help to improve its content and quality
321. N. Wambiji – Some Aspects of Stock Characteristics of Rabbitfish – Siganus sutor (Valenciennes, 1835) in the Kenyan marine waters
322. * M. Wamwachai – Assessment of the abundance and diversity of meiobenthos along selected beaches in north and south coast Kenya and implication for environmental pollution
323. V. Wang’ondu, A. Muthumbi, A. Vanreusel & N. Koedam – Interaction between site characteristics and mangrove productivity in Mida creek, Kenya
324. C. Wanjiru, M. Huxham, S. Rueckert & I. Nagelkerken – Effects of habitat quality in fish community structure of Vanga mangrove ecosystem
325. * C. Wanjohi, A. Muthumbi, N. Gichuki & E. Okuku – Benthic communities as bioindicators of organic and inorganic pollution in marine environment; case study of Tudor creek, Mombasa County, Kenya
326. I. N. Wanyonyi, J. F. Karisa, M. Gamoyo & J. Mbugua – Migrant fishers’ access to fishing grounds: Fishery, ecological and oceanographic factors
327. * B. Waweru & A. Muthumbi – Nematodes distribution and community structure in Rhizophora mucronata forest, Mida creek- Kenya
328. I. Webster, D. Rowat & V. Lucas – Depredation in Seychelles semi-industrial longline fleet
329. I. Webster & D. Rowat – Marine mammal diversity and distribution in Seychelles
330. * G. Wehr – Alien invasive risk assessment of the marine aquarium trade in South Africa
331. L. West, O. Abdallah & S. Mapoy – What next for dugong conservation in Tanzania?
332. K. Wysocki – Case Study: Assessing Organisational Capacity in the Context of a Community-based Fisheries Project
333. J. Yaa & B. Fulanda – Abundance, Residence Patterns, and Home Range of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin Tursiops aduncus in Malindi-Watamu MPA
334. S. Yahya – Coral reefs of Zanzibar: status and effect of climate change
335. G. Yona, P. Bwathondi, N. Madalla, H. Lamtane, A. Mwandya, & I. Mayer – Fish assemblages in mangrove ecosystems under prevailing climatic condition in Bagamoyo, Tanzania
336. L. Zacarias – Species composition, distribution patterns and population structure of penaeid shrimps in the Sofala Bank, Mozambique
337. J. A. Zafimahatradraibe, A. I. Issah & G. Todinanahary – Effect of breeding density on the fattening of crab for export to alive state Case of Scylla serrata in the Company MAS Toliara
338. D. Zandamela – Variability of satellite derived Chlorophyll-a and Sea Surface Temperature in the Maputo Bay, Southern Mozambique Shelf
339. E. Zorzi & A. Rabearisoa – Monetized assessments of coastal zones vulnerability

340. K. Van Puyvelde, M. M. Mangora, M. O. S. Mohamed, J. G. Kairo, N. Koedam-Transboundary coastal processes and human resource utilisation patterns as a basis for a Kenya-Tanzania conservation area initiative (Trans-Coast)

341. G. Stoica, J. Ferraris, P. Chabanet, C. Sabinot, S. Carrière – Draw me the coral reefs. An interdisciplinary research methodology on the representation of marine ecosystem by children.

342. J.S. Eklöf – Is credit given where credit is due? Seagrass beds are pivotal yet neglected fishery habitats

  1. N. Peer – Investigating the resilience of mangrove ecosystems and fiddler crabs in South Africa
  2. J. B. B. Nhleko, S. Lamberth, N. Strydom – Characterisation and mapping of the fish and invertebrate fauna associated with the Kei River estuary, fluvial fan and plume
  3. A. Rajkaran, J. Adams, N. Miranda, N. Peer, R. Perissinotto, J. Roux – Defining the status and health of mangrove ecosystem in South Africa.
  4. S. A. Mwachireya – Managing local stress is key to resilience, recovery and survival of coral reefs
  5. J. Barde, A. Noel – Indian Ocean Commission geoportal
  6. J. M. Ndagala – Octopus fishing in Tanzania the case of Tanga Coelacanth Marine Park
  7. A. J. Mmochi & K. Kombo – The influence of tidal levels or lunar cycles on the occurrence of natural hazards
  8. M. Chande, B. Kuguru, J. Sululu, R. Kayanda, J. Sululu, M. Igulu, J. Kangwe, C. Mwakosya, E. Ulotu, I. Kimirei – Assessment of the effectiveness of different fishing gears and their impact on the management of inshore fish stocks along the coast of Tanzania
  9. A. Rajkaran, K. Van Puyvelde, C. Munga, J. Groeneveld, M. A. Sheikh, J. Hugé, A. Vanreusel, N. Koedam – Old neighbours’ new association: Training emerging research scientists to shape networks and conceptualise new research programmes in the Western Indian Ocean
  10. E. Lundsør – Microplastics in Zanzibar – screening outside Stonetown