1st – 6th July 2019

2017 Posters Q – U

245. A. Rabearisoa & E. Pacheco – Assessing the multisectorial context for marine biodiversity conservation in Tanzania and Kenya using the Ocean Health Index framework
246. B. J. Raharinosy – Socio-economic development initiatives in Soariake Marine Protected Area, South West Madagascar
247. H. Rahoasa, H. Jaonalison & N. Rasolofoarivony – Monitoring of ornamental fish exploitation in Southwestern Madagascar
248. H. Rahoasa, T. Lavitra, D. Serukabuza, N. Rasolofoarivony, T. Maherizo & I. Rasoamananto – Study of the feasibility of magnification of Serrata scylla crabs in the Menabe region, South West of Madagascar (Morondava-Madagascar)
249. L. Rakotoarimino & P. Davis – Using community-based incentive mechanisms to conserve dugong and seagrass
250. L. Rakotoarimino & M. Ramiandrisoa – Empowering youth for coastal conservation across Madagascar
251. R. H. Jeannot – Capitalization, lesson learned, Success story and conceptualization of traditional knowledge about mangrove ecosystem restoration, in Ambaro Bay, at North West of Madagascar

251b. R. H. Jeannot – From the Climate Change Vulnerability analysis of the traditional fishery to the establishment of 4 village Fishery management plans
252. F. F. Rakotondramanana, H. R. Ratsimba, A. A. N. Ratovoson & L. A. Ravaoarinorotsihoarana – Impacts of climate variabilities on Madagascar mangrove: case of Ambanja Bay, Mahajamba Bay, Bay of Assassins
253. J. Rakotondrazafy, D. Randriamanantena, H. H. Rakotondrazafy & A. A. N. Ratovoson – Mapping and modeling climate-smart mangrove restoration areas in Manambolo – Tsiribihina landscape (Western Coast of Madagascar)
254. G. Rakotovao – LMMA forums: effective tools for sharing good practices and solving common problems related to sustainable management of coastal and marine resources
255. S. Ramah – A preliminary study on the temporal patterns of marine turtle strandings in the waters of Mauritius Island: an alarming trend?
256. V. Ramahery – Generating knowledge on dugongs, their critical habitats and threat reduction measures in North West Madagascar
257. * L. Ramanjehimanana, J. Razanoelisoa – Bioecology of reproduction of green turtles, within the marine protected area of Nosy Hara, Northern Madagascar, for their conservation
258. * K. Ramparsad, B. Newman & J. Adams – Mercury in commercially available fish: Are we at risk?
259. D. Randriamanantena, J. Rakotondrazafy, M. Ratovonirina, E. Todimanana & H. Rakotondrazafy – Conserving the most intact mangroves of Western Madagascar’s Manambolo Tsiribihina: Lesson learned after 10 years of WWF’s intervention
260. J. E. Randrianambinintsoa, M. E. Remanevy & L. Ramanjehimanana – Small-scale study of traditional fisheries landing in Ranobe Bay – Madagascar
261. * J. Randrianandrasana, F. Behivoke, V. Dizano, F. Rakotonjanahary, D. K. Ravelojaona, E. Gibbons & J. Duchene – Towards a sustainable safeguarding of coastal ecosystems: using an adaptive strategy of filaos (Casuerina equistifolia) plantation to fight against the sanding of coral reefs and mangroves in the bay of Ranobe – Southwestern Madagascar
262. * J. Randrianandrasana, F. Behivoke, R.L. Botosoamananto, D.K. Ravelojaona & G.G B. Todinanahary – 2015- 2016 coral-bleaching event in Madagascar. Case of the Southwest region
263. N. Rasolofoarivony – Assessment of the amount of CO2 in different body’s part of coral Acropora sp
264. N. Rasolofoarivony – The zooxanthellae set up likely the most on the top of Acropora sp
265. N. Rasolofoarivony – Extraction of carrageenan according to the solvents-used
266. N. Rasolofoarivony, H. Rahoasa, T. Lavitra, D. Serukabuza, T. Maherizo & I. Rasoamananto – Feasibility study of village fish farming in the Menabe region, in Tsiribihina River Delta of Madagascar
267. A. A. N. Ratovoson, H. R. Ratsimba, A. Ravaka, P. Y. Rakoto, F. M. Rabenilalana, B. Ramamonjisoa, S. Razanaka & J. Bogaert – Underlying economic and social drivers of mangrove timber stock and mangrove landscape changes: Case of the Western Coast of Madagascar
268. H. Ratsimbazafy – Restricted gene flow among populations of the mangrove whelk Terebralia palustris in the Western Indian Ocean
269. * H. Ravelohasina, R. Rasolofonirina, J. Mahafina & H. Jaonalison – Essay of Siganus sutor aquaculture in Madagascar: for promising alternative activity for traditional fishermen
270. J. Ravelonjatovo – Mangrove carbon stocks and land cover dynamics in southwest Madagascar and the implications for local management
271. A Rawat, R Badal & H Runghen – Setting up a Marine Spatial Plan for the Republic of Mauritius
272. * C. Razafindrakoto, S. D’Agata, J. A. Mahafina, A. G. d’Echon, T. G. d’Echon, M. R. Heithaus & J. J. Kiszka – First assessment of elasmobranch biodiversity and occurrence in coral reef habitats off northwestern Madagascar (Nosy Be region)
273. J. Razanoelisoa – Socio-economic and cultural aspects of the child-fishers in the village of Ankiembe, Toliara Madagascar
274. J. Razanoelisoa – Limits of the locally management marine area: case of the MPA Nosy Ve Anakao, Toliara Madagascar
275. H. Reuter, V. E. Garcia, C. Muhando & S. Ferse – Zanzibar reefs: Lack of recovery after recent bleaching
276. B. Rock – The Dina or the social convention, for the community management of the marine resources: what factors of success and / or failure?
277. E. Romanov, P. Sabarros, L. Le Foulgoc, A. Chevallier & P. Bach – Biologging: revealing the environmental ecology of yellowfin, bigeye tuna and swordfish in the Western Indian Ocean
278. E. Romanov, W. West, Z. Dhurmeea, N. Bodin, A. Puech, S. Hollanda, S. Norman, N. Nikolic, J. Bourjea & M. Potier – Trophic ecology of albacore tuna Thunnus alalunga in the western tropical Indian Ocean and adjacent waters
279. E. Romanov, F. Ménard, M. Potier, W. West, M. Smale, Y. Cherel, M. Simier, & J. Bourjea – Trophic ecology of swordfish Xiphias gladius in the tropical Indian Ocean: insights from stomach contents and stable isotopes analyses
280. * S. Rumba, C. Munga, J. Kairo & M. Czachur – A tool for community-based assessment of mangrove crab density in Mikoko Pamoja mangroves of Gazi Bay, Kenya
281. S. Rusekwa – Assessment of species composition and diversity of macroalgae along selected sites in Dar es Salaam Coast, Tanzania
282. C. Russo, T. Lamont, G. Tutt, M. van den Berg, I. Ansorge & R. Barlow – Upwelling cells on the South-East coast of South Africa
283. * F. Saidale – Rapid catch assessment using a GoPro camera in Soariake Marine Protected Area, Southwest Madagascar
284. H. Salehe – Seasonal distribution, abundance variations and population structure of the common carangid fishes found in Unguja island (Zanzibar) coastal waters, Tanzania
285. R. Sallema Mtui & M.I. Moenieba – Understanding Types, Nature and Relationship for Existing Investments in Marine Park: Insights from Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park (MBREMP), Tanzania
286. C. Sams & A. Rabearisoa – C-RISe, Pathways to Impact. Application of Satellite Altimetry as a Tool for Managing Coastal Risk in Mozambique, Madagascar and South Africa
287. C. Samyan, O. Sadasing, O. Pasnin, B. Suraj & J. I. Mosaheb – Taxonomic status of Coral of Agalega
288. C. Samyan – Preliminary survey of the Coral ecosystem around Agalega Island Rep of Mauritius

288b. M. P. Scarlet, B. Ferrão, M. Cossa, M. A. Cumbe, S. O. Bandeira – Seagrass invertebrate fishery: valuation, impacts and pilot restoration with focus to Zostera capensis meadows
289. Q. Schutte*, L. Vivier & D. P. Cyrus – Effect of environment changes of the fish community structure of the St Lucia Estuarine system (South Africa) during continued drought conditions
290. B. Sekadende, A. Kamukuru, J. Sululu, I. Sailale & S. Mahongo – Food and feeding dynamics of the anchovy Stolephorus commersonnii (Lacepède, 1803) and the mackerel Rastrelliger kanagurta (Cuvier, 1817) from Tanga Region, Tanzania
291. Y. Shaghude, A. Muzuka & N. Jiddawi – Status of climate change vulnerability and adaptation along the coast of Tanzania
292. Y. Shaghude & D. Mukaka – The Role of Oceanographic Studies in Assessing the Environmental Suitability of Planned Shore-front Development Projects: A Case of a Promenade Structure Being Installed at Msasani Slipway Hotel, Dar es Salaam
293. M. Shalli, M. Mangora & C. Trettin – Sources of livelihoods and their implications for mangrove management in Rufiji Delta, Tanzania
294. N. Sidat – Diversity, abundance and zonation of benthic macrofauna in rocky platforms of Cape Inhaca and Ponta do Ouro, Southern Mozambique
295. D. Sigana – Food composition of Mugilidae from Kilifi Creek, Kenya
296. R. S. Raymamy – The challenges and issues of management transfer in Madagascar through the renewal of the Mangrove management transfer contract from VOI FIVABE to Ambanjabe, Rural Commune Marovoay Banlieu, Marovoay District, Boeny Region
297. H. Smith, C. Mason-Parker, I. Ravinia & F. Vessaz – Coral reef recovery dynamics along the Northwest coast of Mahé Island, Seychelles, following two major coral bleaching events
298. B. Sousa – Trends on shallow water shrimp by catch in Sofala Bank- Mozambique
299. A. Subramoney – Temporal analyses of demographic history and population genetics of the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini) along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline, South Africa
300. * S. Swaleh, C. Munga, E. Okemwa, E. Wachira & N. Maroko – The effect of non-conventional diets on the growth of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in a static indoor condition
301. * A. Taju – Modeling habitat suitability for dugongs in Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique coast
302. * A. Taju – Dugong occupancy in Bazaruto Archipelago region, Mozambique Coast
303. S. Taljaard, L. van Niekerk, M. Audouin & L. Celliers – Marine Spatial Planning at the Urban Scale: South African perspective
304. F. Tamooh – Carbon and nutrients sources and transformation in river Sabaki, Kenya
305. T. Tantely & R. Andriamandimbisoa – Participatory Marine Spatial Planning in Madagascar
306. T. Tantely & R. Laza – SMART, a new and promising enforcement tool implemented in the LMMAs network and MPAs in Madagascar
307. A. Temple, C. Poonian, N. Wambiji, N. Jiddawi, Y. Salmin, P. Berggren & S. Stead – Socio-Economic Value of Marine Megafauna in the Small-Scale Fisheries of the Western Indian Ocean
308. P. Thoya & A. Tuda – Cumulative impacts assessment to support ecosystem based marine spatial planning in Kenya
309. G. Todinanahary, I. Eekchaut & T. Lavitra – Towards effective development of community-based polyaquaculture: an alternative to small-scale fisheries and the destruction of reef habitats
310. G. Todinanahary – What place for community-based coral farming in the context of global change in coral reef ecosystems?
311. S. Trott, M. Mwang’ombe, S. Jorge, K. Charo, L. Njuguna, J. Nyunja & J. Spilsbury – Improving the understanding of the humpback whales migration through Kenyan waters
312. A. Ussi – Reef herbivores and corallivores and their relationship with juvenile coral density and survival in reefs of Unguja Island, Zanzibar