1st – 6th July 2019

2017 Posters F – K

56. G. Fabiani, S. Ferse, M. Slater, A. Kunzmann & S. Stead – Community-led integrated polyculture of Sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra) and Seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezii) at Ushongo, Pangani in Tanzania
57. R. Fania – The informers socio-economiques of the impacts of the climate change in the village of Ambotsibotsiky southwest of Madagascar
58. A. Félicité – First value chain organization of Oreochromis niloticus in Toamasina, Eastern coast of Madagascar
59. S. Fennessy, B. Everett, B. Kaguru, C. Mwakosya, C.N. Munga, S. Sitoe, K. da Conceinçao, H.L. Razafindrakoto, B Sousa & A. Brito – Assessment of the effectiveness of Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) in prawn trawls in Kenya and Tanzania
60. * M. Fernand & R. Catherine – Aspergillus niger isolated from shrimp, what risk for the consumers
61. S. Fernando, O. Filipe, C. Chioze, A. Simango, A. Inacio, M. Pinto, O. Chacate, R. Mutombene & B. de Souza – Shark fishery in a developing country: An approach for management strategy in Mozambique
62. S. Fernando & E. Leong – A rapid assessment of a marine spiny lobster along the rock coastal zones of Inhambane, Nampula and Zambézia provinces, Mozambique
63. L. Francisco & V. Quintin – Characterization of macroinvertebrait of Mangrove of Pemba Bay
64. B. Fulanda & R. Okoyo – Crab Burrow Density as an Indicator of Mangrove Health; Case Study Kilifi Creek, Kenya
65. T. Gaëtan – Integrated approach for Mahafaly land and seascape, the rational approach to decrease the pressure for the natural resources
66. M. Gamoyo – Estimating connectivity through larval dispersal in the Western Indian Ocean
67. E. Gibbons, C. Golding & R. Stein-Rostaing – Multidimensional poverty of coastal communities in the Bay of Ranobe, Madagascar: A baseline for intervention programs
68. E. Gibbons, C. Golding, J. Kumar, J. Duchene & R. Stein-Rostaing – Long-term monitoring of the marine turtle fishery of the Bay of Ranobe, Southwest Madagascar
69. E. Gibbons, C. Golding, J. Kumar & R. Stein-Rostaing – Poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation: the potential of community-based aquaculture for rural communities
70. J. Ginindza & M. Isaacs – The role of small-scale fishing and aquaculture on food security at Doringbaai
71. J. Githaiga-Mwicigi, M. Soule, I. Hampton, J. Rademan & R. Cooper – Use of hydroacoustics to map the distribution and extent of the eggs of chokka squid (Loligo vulgaris reynaudii ) on the south coast of South Africa
72. J. Githaiga-Mwicigi – Which variables have the most impact on South Africa’s squid fishery in a changing climate?
73. * J. Glass, P. Cowley & T. Near – Phylogeography of an iconic sportfish, the Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis), and implications for fisheries management
74. * J. Glass, R. Harrington, P. Cowley & T. Near – Long live the kingfish: patterns and processes of evolution in a clade of economically important marine fishes (Carangiformes)
75. J. Govender, M. Knight & A. Oosthuizen – Spatial Planning in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and their Buffers
76. M. Gudka, D. Obura, S. Ahamada, U. Kloiber & T. Holter – Understanding the impacts of the 2016 coral bleaching event in the WIO using a citizen science approach
77. * A. Hamad & N. Jiddawi – Public awareness and perspectives of sponge aquaculture in Zanzibar: the case of Jambiani Village
78. * A. Hamad & N. Jiddawi – Growth Performance and Survival of Agelas mauritiana var. oxeata and Callyspongiidae sp Farmed in Jambiani Lagoon
79. * A. Hamad – Feeding rates of Anadara antiquata Linnaeus 1758) larvae reared in different media
80. S. Hamed, N. Jiddawi & P. Bwathondi – Effects of blood meal as substitute for fish meal in culture of juvenile silver pompano Trachinotus blochii (lacepède, 1801) in a circulating aquaculture system
81. O. Hamerlynck, S. Duvail, W. D. Nyingi, D. Hervé, P. Paron & M. Leone – The Deltas of the Western Indian Ocean: biophysical constraints, socio-ecological realities and research opportunities
82. A. Hamza & J. Kairo – Making sense of blue carbon markets: a comparison of carbon offset standards
83. * S. Hashim, A. Muthumbi, J. Githaiga & J. Okondo – Distribution of benthic fauna along the Kenyan continental shelf
84. U. Hassan & R. Runya Community participation in Payment for Ecosystem Services: Lessons from Mikoko Pamoja carbon-offset project
85. D. Hervé, L. Robison, H. Riana & J. Iltis – Dynamics of Bombetoka estuarian mangroves under the hydrological regime of the Betsiboka River
86. * A. Hoamby, M. E. Asplund, M. Björk, S. D’Agata, M. Dahl, D. Deyanova, J. N. Franco, L. Hammar6, R. Ismail, H. W. Linderholm, L. D. Lyimo, J. Angelot Mahafina, D. Perry, V. Ramahery, L. M. Rasmusson, M. Gullström – Influence of mangrove degradation on seagrass meadow characteristics: a case study from the northwestern Madagascar
87. A. Hoguane, S. Mazzilli, M. H. Beula, A. Cafermane & N. Silva – Hydrodynamics of the Bons Sinais Estuary
88. G. Hole – Comparison between commercial and non-conventional diets in the growth performance of Milk fish under pond based culture systems
89. C. W. Hutton – Migration and Deltas: The exchange of knowledge on migration, adaptation and climate change between the Northern Indian Ocean and Western Indian Ocean deltaic systems
90. G. Inteca – Comparison of humpback whale watching before, during and after el ninõ year in Vamizi island, Nothern Mozambique
91. R. Ismail – Effect of Salinity on Nutrients Uptake and Productivity in Avicennia marina (Forsk) Vierh. and Rhizophora mucronata Lam along the Coast of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
92. * J. Iteba – Opportunities and challenges of Community Conservation Areas (CCAs) along the Kenyan Coast: An assessment of their effectiveness

93. N. James, M. Duncan, A. Bates, W. Potts. Marine Protected Areas provide species with physiological resilience to the impacts of climate change
94. L. Janson, T. Haupt-Schuter, D. Anders, A. Bernard, A. Gotz, S. Kirkman, T. Samaai & L. Snyders – A more holistic approach to exploring and quantifying South Africa’s Inshore Reef Communities through analysis of drop camera video
95. * H. Jaonalison, D. Ponton, M. Leopold, J. Mahafina, E. Ranaivoson, J. Durand, R. Lebely, & F. Behivoke – Accessing fish biodiversity information through traditional Malagasy fisheries in seagrass bed
96. S. Jaquemet, E. Chateauminois, M. Hoarau, G. Lerceteau & O. Bielen – CRA: An organisation to manage and reduce the shark risk in Reunion Island
97. C. Jean, J. Bourjea, M. Dalleau, K. Ballorain & S. Ciccione – Effectively meet the needs of marine turtle researchers and stakeholders over the long term: TORSOOI database and concept
98. N. Jiddawi, S. Yahya & R. Kitula – Influence of management regimes on climate change adaptation and mitigation among fisher and other coastal resource users in Zanzibar, Tanzania
99. J. Walz & N. Jiddawi – Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management School for International training (SIT) course in Tanzania
100. W. Jilani – Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Management of Marine Resources; Case Analysis of Kuruwitu and Mkunguni Fishing Villages in Kenya
101. * R. Joellah – Study about population of mussel Modiolus auriculatus along the coral reef of Sarodrano Toliara Madagascar
102. M. John, M. Mtolera & A. Mmochi – Effect of different dietary protein sources ongrowth performance of Rufiji Tilapia, Oreochromis urolepis urolepis
103. J. Julaia, A. Macia & D. Cossa – Evaluation of the Exploitation Level of Invertebrates of Socio-economic Importance from the Rocky shores of Inhaca Island and Ponta do Ouro, Southern Mozambique
104. P. Julius – Assessment of reef fish and benthic cover of the North and South Dar es Salaam Marine Reserves system before the 2016 El Niño
105. A. Kairu – Effects of management regimes on mangrove forest structure and productivity in Kwale, Kenya
106. * O. Kalokora, F. Tibazarwa & A. Buriyo – Effect of temperature on leaf and rhizome growth rates in seagrass halophila ovalis
107. A. Kamau, J. Kairo & M. Huxham – The Social Impacts of Mikoko Pamoja: A synthesis of the evidence
108. J. Kamau, O. Agola, C. Magori, C. Kosore, E. Kimani & B. Ohowa – What are the systems that drive the productivity of the North Kenya bank?
109. J. Kangwe, S. Mtolera & M. Björk – Inorganic carbon uptake into Photosynthesis and Calcification in two common Halimeda species
110. J. Kangwe, M. Björk & S. Mtolera – Effects of light and temperature on photosynthesis and calcification in rhodoliths from a tropical lagoon
111. L. Kanyairita – Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas on fisheries management: Fishers’ opinions in Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania
112. J. Karisa, P. Musembi, L. Mulupi & M. Olendo – Resilience Assessment of Coral Communities in Kiunga-Lamu Archipelago, Kenya
113. * J. Karisa, D. Obura, C. Chen – Current Spatial Patterns of Kenyan Coral Communities
114. R. Katikiro – Not enough to eat: Fish for food security in coastal areas of Tanzania
115. R. Katikiro, C. Sinje, G. Mapunda, J. Mahenge, S. Hassan, D. Charles & J. Msangi – The role of local institutions in governance of MPAs
116. * S. Ketter & B. Fulanda – Ovarian Development of Indian Shrimp Panaeus indicus (Decapoda) in the coastal waters of Kilifi Creek, Kenya
117. M. Khatib, Y. Shaghude & P. Mwanukuzi – Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Changes Over the Zanzibar Urban West Coastal Forests and the Socio-economic Drivers that are Linked to Those Changes for Informing Policy Makers
118. * E. Kimakwa, M. Ntiba & A. Muthumbi – Distribution and abundance of Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the Coastal Waters of Kenya
119. * E. Kimakwa, M. Ntiba & A. Muthumbi – Temporal and spatial distribution of fish assemblages in the Sabaki River Estuary, Kenya
120. A. Kimaru, J. Mwafaida & A. Mwakumanya – Beach cast seagrass litter accumulation along Mombasa-Kilifi shoreline in Kenya
121. G. Kinyanjui – Polythenes Ban: The Unexpected Solution to the Polythene Menace
122. G. Kinyanjui – Science Communications for attainment of Sustainable Development Goals:
123. R. Kitula & L. Chauka – Perceptions of communities toward corals restoral project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
124. R. Kitula & L. Chauka – Community participation in restoration and management of degraded and deforested mangrove forest in Mafia Island, Mainland Tanzania
125. T. Klückow, B. Parker & A. Donah – Farming model changes and their rationale after experimental trials and 7 years project history farming holothuria scabra in sea pens in South-West Madagascar
126. J. Kolasinski, S. Marinesque & D. Chanfi – Building cooperation toward marine resources co-management in the WIO region: the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) regional Indian Ocean project
127. M. Kombo, C. Mwalugha, F. Sang, E. Ongoro & E. Okuku – Temporal variation of phytoplankton in a human impacted creek: Case study of Makupa creek, Mombasa Kenya
128. C. Kosore, M. Galindo, J. Kamau, R. Ochieng’, D. Granado & M. De Alba – Heavy metal pollution assessment in sediments from Kilindini-Port Reitz creek system, Kenya
129. R. Kramer – WHALETIME: a citizen science approach to conservation of humpback whales
130. B. Kuguru, S. Mahongo, I. Sailale, M. Chande, M. Semba & C. Muhando – Application of Remote Sensing in Predicting Suitable Fishing Areas for Pelagic fish in the continental shelf of Tanzania
131. * S. Kuloba – Effects of Umba river sedimentation on the distribution and morphology of mangroves of Vanga, Kenya