1st – 6th July 2019

1 November_Oral Presentations

WEDNESDAY, 1 November 2017

Venue: Selous

Session XXV: Technologies supporting research and management

1100 R. Wynn – Novel application of marine robotic platforms and sensors to support marine mapping and monitoring in the Western Indian Ocean
1120  F. Behivoke, M. Léopold, E. Ranaivoson & D. Ponton – Using GPS trackers for spatially and temporally characterizing a small-scale fishery: first experience in Madagascar coral reef fishing
1140  * R. Gustafsson, C. Cordeiro, L. Eggertsen, W. Goodell & C. Berkström – Coral reefs from a fish-eye perspective, low-cost 3D-mapping for anyone
1200  A-.E Nieblas, S. Bonhommeau, F. Fiorellato, D. Fu & J. Barde – An online tool to easily play with stock assessment models

Session XXVI: Piloting innovative solutions to environmental and resources challenge

1400  H.O. Onyango, J. Ochiewo, N. Karani, C. Abunge & C. Magak – The Status of FADs Fishery along the Kenyan Coast: Socio-Economic Problems and Prospects
1420  R.N. Mwaipopo, Y.D Mgaya, L. Evans, E. Kamanyi, W. Haule & A. Mposso – Fisheries Aggregation Devices (FADs) in the Marine Fisheries of Tanzania: A livelihoods, governance and ecological systems debate
1440  J.M-.L. Martin, D. Paris & L.M. Massé – Dealing with constraints for coral planting in reunion: a technical handbook for project holders
1500  R. Komeno, R. Stein-Rostaing & E.L. Gibbons – Trials of low-cost, reproducible artificial habits provide potential solution to declining fishery yields

Session XXVII: Legal and illegal fishing gears: what are their impacts?

1600 R.E. Short, E. Chauque, R. Gurung, N. Hill, M. Rowcliffe & E.J. Milner-Gulland – The use of mosquito nets in fisheries: a global to local perspective
1620  A.W. Muthumbi, V. Njuguna, C. Kihia, J. Okondo & A. Mbogo – Impacts of polychaete harvesting on benthic infauna in Mida Creek, Kenya
1640  J. Rehren, M. Wolff & N. Jiddawi – Exploring ecosystemic and economic impacts of different gears and different gear-based management interventions – a modeling study using EwE
1700  * S.E. Hardisty, A. De Vos & T. Daw – How gear use affects the income and subjective wellbeing of four Kenyan fishing communities
1720  J. Rubens, M. Igulu, B. Kalangahe, H. Machano, L. Slade, A. Thani & L. West – Spatio-temporal monitoring of blast-fishing in Tanzania: assessing the impact of governance and enforcement efforts
1740  P.Z. Thoya, H. Charo, J. Omukoto, E. Kimani, C. Munga & A.O. Tuda – Spatio-temporal distribution of semi-industrial prawn trawls in the Malindi Ungwana Bay fishery and its implication on management and spatial planning

Venue: Mikumi

Session XXVIII: Trends in fish catches

1100  T.R. McClanahan, C.A.A. & K.M. Azali – Declining Fisheries Yields, Effort and increased Income over a 20-Year Period in the Southern Kenya Reef Fishery
1120  P.M. Tuda & Cosmas Munga – An SPR approach to assessing artisanal fisheries in the Malindi-Ungwana Bay, Kenyan North Coast
1140  * M.O. Silas, S.S. Mgeleka, P. Polte, M. Sköld, R. Lindborg, M. de la Torre-Castro & Martin Gullström – Adaptive capacity and coping strategies of small-scale coastal fisheries with regard to historical changes in fish landings
1200  K. Osuka, M. Samoillys, J. Mussa, S. Rosendo, M. Diade, J. Mbugua, J. Kawaka & M. Riddell – An integrated assessment of coastal fisheries in Northern Mozambique for conservation planning

Session XXIX: Gender in fisheries

1400  * H.A. Moshi & R.A. Kitula – Potential Threats and Effects, Facing Children Living Within Fishing Communities in Coastal Villages of Zanzibar, Tanzania
1420  A.C. Wosu – Socioeconomic profiles of octopus fisherwomen and the relationship to the fishery: Ibo Island, Mozambique
1440  E. Torell – Gender in fisheries: Lessons from Zanzibar and West Africa
1500  M. de la Torre-Castro & S. Fröcklin – Inclusive management in the Western Indian Ocean: Experiences addressing gender for management enhancement

Session XXX: Mariculture development: Outcomes of experiments

1600 * L.M. Shilinde, M.S. Mtolera & A.J.Mmochi – Sex ratio, growth performance and survival rate of hybrids of Oreochromis niloticus ♀ and Oreochromis urolepis hornorum ♂ reared at different salinities
1620  A.J. Mmochi – Growth rates of selected Oreochromis species cultured at different salinities and fed with different protein sources
1640  D.O. Mirera, C.J. Simon, J.M. Cobcroft & G.J. Coman – Farming aclimatized freshwater nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in brackish water ponds at the Kenyan coast
1700  A.H. Said, M. Sandvik, J. lyche, F.E. Msuya, M.S. Kyewalyanga, H.A. Ngowi & A.J. Mmochi – Occurrence, Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of Cyanobacterium Moorea producens Affecting Seaweed Farmers in Coastal Waters of Tanzania
1720  * J. Ntabo, B. Kaunda-Arara & N. Betty – A Comparative study of growth rates and yield of the seaweed, Kappaphycus alvarezii (Doty), using variable seedling densities and farming methods in south coast, Kenya
1740  * R.M. Nguhe, A. Muthumbi, P. Ndegwa, C. Gatune & Isaac Osuga – Innovative alternative protein source for fish feeds for aquaculture in Kenya

Venue: Mafia

Session XXXI: Seagrass: Interaction with fisheries and climate change

1100 L.M. Nordlund, R.K.F. Unsworth, M. Gullström & L. Cullen-Unsworth – Global significance of seagrass fishery activity
1120  L. Eggertsen, W. Goodell, D.N. Cossa, C. Cordeiro, M. Bouças, C. Berkström, J. Franco, C. Ferreira, S. Bandeira & M. Gullström – Where is the grass greenest? Influence of seascape structure and fishing on distribution patterns of nursery and resident fish in a seagrass-dominated landscape
1140  M. Dahl, L.D. Lyimo, M.E Asplund, D. Deyanova, M. Björk & Martin Gullström – Carbon storage variability in seagrass meadows: a comparison across latitudes
1200  * R. George, M. Gullström, M.S.P Mtolera, T.J Lyimo & M. Björk – Sulphide concentration and methane emission increase with high midday temperature stress in tropical seagrass sediment: a mesocosm study

Session XXXII: Effectiveness of management interventions

1400 E-.K. Muhl – Food security and sustainable livelihoods: Understanding Marine Protected Area impacts in the Tsitsikamma
1420  G. David, C. Esperance, L. Erwann, P. Gwenaelle & P. Karine – When stakeholders’ perceptions drive MPA social acceptance: the case of Reunion island natural reserve facing shark attacks
1440  A. Blandon & T. Daw – The changing mental models of East African fisheries development interventions
1500  B.M. Fulanda, E.M. Mueni, J.O. Manyala & E.N. Kimani – Circles in Resource Management; Advances and Challenges in Management of the Small-Scale Marine Fisheries Resources in Coastal East Africa

Session XXXIII: Habitat and resources mapping

1600  P. Dupont, D. Roos, E. Sucre & T. Claverie – Fine scale habitat mapping: an issue for biodiversity conservation
1620  W. Goodell, L. Eggertsen, C. Cordeiro & C. Berkström – Geospatial applications to support local-scale marine conservation management
1640  M. Samoilys, K. Osuka, D. Obura, J. Mbugua & Joan Kawaka – Using spatial analysis of marine habitats to inform conservation planning in Pate Island – Kiunga seascape
1700  * M.S. Makwela, M-.L. Franken, L. Atkinson & K. Sink – The investigation of marine biodiversity surrogates for classification and mapping of outer shelf ecosystems in KwaZulu-Natal province
1720  M.A. Owuor, J. Icely, A. Newton, J. Nyunja, P. Otieno, A.O. Tuda & N. Oduor – Mapping of ecosystem services flow in Mida Creek, Kenya
1740  H.A. Ratsimbazafy & J. Huge – Genesis & future of Marine Protected Areas in Madagascar: a Delphi-based approach to inform sustainable management

Venue: Gombe

Session XXXIV: Governance systems for dealing with current challenges

1100 M.K. Machumu, B.P. Ngatunga, M.M. Igulu, B.L. Kuguru, B.C. Sekadende & S.D. Shayo – What are the options for octopus fishery in Tanzania? Exploring the artisanal octopus fishery from reefs
1120  * S. Sorby – Protection of migratory marine species: a review of current legislation and insights for the Western Indian Ocean with the case of humpback whales
1140  L. Celliers, S. Rosendo & L. Ojwang – Climate knowledge, a bridge too far for local coastal governance?
1200  * O.T. Molelu, B. Enserink, L. Celliers & C. Sutherland – Institutional impacts, on economic and environmental relationship between the port and city, of the busiest Western Indian Ocean ports: Durban and Mombasa

Session XXXV: Ecosystem services

1400 S.C.S. Laing, M.H. Schleyer & B. Rhodes – How does biodiversity affect SCUBA divers’ preferences for a dive?
1420  R.E. Katikiro – Eco- dive sites as a potential tool for mitigating negative impacts on coral reefs
1440  D. d’Emille Gonçalves, T. Chaigneau & S. Offman – Understanding the disaggregated nature of the ecosystem service wellbeing relationship in Northern Mozambique
1500  * S.P. Mbense, J. Adams & A. Rajkaran – Ecosystem services of blue carbon habitats in South African estuaries

Session XXXVI: Innovative interventions

1600 M.J. Callow, D. Dogley, J.P. Adam, R. Weary, H. Sims & M. Brown – Innovative Financing of Marine Conservation and Adaptation to Climate Change in Seychelles
1620  M. Huxham, J. Kairo, M. Skov, A. Kairu, R. Shilland & L. Ruzowistsky – Small is beautiful but big is better: can PES really make an impact on climate change and mangrove conservation in East Africa?
1640  * J.K. Kosgei & T. McClanahan – Redistribution of benefits but no defection in a fisheries by-catch reduction management initiative
1700  E. Lagabrielle & C. Sabinot – Power, knowledge and data in marine spatial planning: The interdisciplinary MOZALINK project in the Western Indian Ocean
1720  U. von St Ange, L. Vandepitte & D. De Pooter – AfrOBIS, the sub-Saharan African node of OBIS
1740  M. Wolff – Avenues for future collaboration in Marine Sciences in Zanzibar: key findings of a 4 years Tanzanian-German Postgraduate Program (SUTAS)

Venue: Katavi

Session XXXVII: Physical and meteorological processes

1100 A.M. Hoguane, T. Gammelsrød, H.A. Machaiaie & E.H. Tovela – The combined thermal and salinity fronts and fisheries distribution pattern in a tropical shelf: the case study of Sofala Bank, Mozambique
1120  M.C. Sejeng, I. Ansorge, T. Lamont, C. Maes – Examining the sub-meso and mesoscale variability across the Crossroad Transectmeso and mesoscale variability across the Crossroad Transect
1140  M. Gamoyo, Chris J.C. Reason & C. Collins – A numerical investigation of the Southern Gyre using ROMS
1200  E. Popova – From marine pollution to climate change: advances in the high resolution modelling of the WIO

Session XXXVIII: Climate change: Impacts, Vulnerability & Adaptation

1400  T.N. Hempson, N.A.J. Graham, M.A. MacNeil, A.S. Hoey & S.K. Wilson – Ecosystem regime shifts disrupt trophic structure
1420  * M.I Duncan, N.C. James, A.E. Bates & W.M. Potts – Marine protected areas provide species with physiological resilience to the impacts of climate change
1440  C.M. Armando, & E. Simões – Climate vulnerability of Seagrass Ecosystems to Climate Change in Primeiras and Segundas Protected Area
1500  N.L. Phair & S. von der Heyden – Vulnerability, resilience and adaptation: the future for the seagrass, Zostera capensis

Session XXXIX: Climate change: Impacts, Vulnerability & Adaptation

1600  D. Simiyu & A. Buriyo – Will Climate change impacts aggravate Malnutrition in concealed ways?
1620  I. Hampton, J. M.W. Githaiga-Mwicigi, S.J. Lamberth, C. van der Lingen, G. Pitcher & M. Pretorius – Identifying marine fisheries most vulnerable to climate change: Lessons from South Africa
1640  M.A. Riddell, S. Rosendo, J. Rubens & H. Costa – Climate vulnerability and coastal livelihood resilience in a conservation context: a case study from Quirimbas National Park, northern Mozambique
1700  I.S. Yangaza, & A.M.S Nyomora – Assessment of Climate Change Adaptation Options and their Implications on Mangrove Resources in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania
1720  * O.M. Ogega, C. Oludhe, D. Obura & Lenice Ojwang – Towards harnessing potential benefits of increased rainfall projections in East Africa: a case of Kilifi County
1740  * K. Nyakeya, J.M. Nyamora, E.W Magondu, N. Robert & W. Justus – Formulation of seaweed products as an adaptation strategy to the effects of climate change on the fishing coastal communities of Kenya

Venue: Bagamoyo

Session XL: Biology of selected species

1100 * D. Kaullysing, N. Taleb-Hossenkhan, B.G Kulkarni & R. Bhagooli – Spatio-temporal distribution five corallivorous gastropod species at Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius
1120  * M.B.M. Rodrigues, M.J. Mafambissa & A. Macia – Reproductive biology of the oyster Pinctada capensis
1140  A.T. Kamukuru, J.S Sululu, B.C. Sekadende, S.E. Innocent & S.B. Mahongo – Some aspects of reproductive biology of the anchovy (Stolephorus commersonnii, Lacepède, 1803) and spotted sardine (Amblygaster sirm, Walbaum, 1792) from Tanga Region, Tanzania
1200  C.J. Monaco, & C.D. McQauid – Modeling the physiological performance of intertidal and subtidal populations of the brown mussel, Perna perna

Session XLI: Natural and anthropogenic influences on environment

1400  M. Séré, S. Irion, M. Sweet, P. Chabanet & P. Totosa – Aetiological assessment of diseases associated with massive fish die offs in Reunion Island
1420  N. Nazurally, V. Chelumbrun, B. Lalljee & V. Bhoyroo – Temporal and Spatial Variation of Seawater Quality in the Lagoon near Concentration of Beach Hotels in the Republic of Mauritius
1440  B.R. Lugendo, I.A. Kimirei & M.M. Igulu – Using stable isotope signatures to examine sewage pollution status at Ocean Road and Msasani (Dar es Salaam) and Nunge (Bagamoyo), Tanzania
1500  C.C. F. Macamo, S. Bandeira, M. Binguanhane & M. Machava – Land cover change and structural dynamics in mangrove and seagrass beds due to port development in Nacala, Mozambique

Session XLII: Participatory assessments and managements

1600 A.H. Awadh, M.A. Mwakumanya, M.O. Said & J. Ochiewo – A Study to evaluate the status, distribution and threats on dugongs in Kenya through local knowledge
1620  J.O. Omuhaya, H. Owiti, V.A. Mwakha, C.N. Munga & A.W. Wamukota – Participatory assessment of priority fishery profiles for an overfished urban inshore seascape in Kenya
1640  M.K. Mbaru & M. Barnes – Key players in conservation diffusion: using social network analysis to identify critical injection points
1700  C.A. Muhando & M.D. Richmond – Mapping of artisanal fishing grounds facilitates safe passage of Gas exploitation service ships in the southern Tanzania
1720  J. Huet & E. Chauque – How to make marine community-based management happen in Northern Mozambique: practical solutions from the field
1740  L. Slade, A. Thani, H. Becker & A.S. Hamad – Introducing collaborative marine management at the village level in Pemba, Zanzibar: factors determining community receptiveness: A case study of two neighboring villages